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4 Calming Colours for a Japandi Retreat at Home with a Touch of Suede

Japandi is a popular emerging interior design trend fusing the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi sabi’ – a way of life embodying slow living and finding beauty in natural imperfection, with the Scandinavian practice of ‘hygge’ – a mood signifying cosiness and contentment. The distinctive style merges sleek and functional Japanese elegance with Scandinavian-inspired modern minimalism to generate harmonious, tranquil and warm aesthetics using interior furnishing and even paint colours.


Jotun Paints’ latest addition to their premium interior textured paints collection Lady Design is ‘Touch of Suede’, a paint finish that offers a unique matt finish with a brushed rustic look, and subtle yet luxurious touch to bring interior spaces to life – ideal for inspiring Japandi interior styles. By including calm and neutral colour palettes with contrasting darker and natural hues, Touch of Suede paint embraces the relaxing grace of Japandi with a textured flair.

A few paint colours from Jotun’s collection that can create Japandi aesthetics when layered with minimalist furniture in homes are highlighted below:



This muted beige with yellow undertones makes a perfect addition for evoking an organic and calming effect synonymous with Japandi styles. Consider pairing it with warmer wooden furniture and contrasting accents such as dark black or cool whites for a welcoming look that is easy on the eye. Blending Scandinavian furniture with clean symmetrical lines also adds to the simplistic charm. Jotun Color Code: 0568

Sable Stone


Portraying a timeless appeal, this muted grey hue is ideal as a background to reflect earthy tones in Japandi-inspired interior design. Contrast it with house plants, ceramic accessories, warmer neutral furnishings and loads of natural light to balance the ambience.Jotun Color Code: 10342

Antique Yellow


This warm yellow tone is great for accommodating light and darker-coloured furniture while presenting an antique-inspired feel. Using simple furnishings with a single pastel colour can help enhance an overall vintage appeal while making the space look clutter-free – a key aspect for achieving the Japandi aesthetic. The hue delicately positions itself without reading too yellow or orange to attain a homely atmosphere.Jotun Color Code: 1392



This golden pink nuance exudes an airy and delicate mood commonly associated with Japanese styles. The colour works well as an accent to greyish muted tones and can be incorporated in functional accessories such as vases and open shelves to showcase the simplicity and practicality of Japandi.Jotun Color Code: 2024

Customers can learn more about Jotun’s Touch of Suede paint by calling 800JOTUN or using the Book-A-Painter service on www.jotun.com. The paint can directly be purchased from any of Jotun’s authorized retailers in UAE.


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