5 Accessories Perfect For Winter 2021

Winter is almost here, and winter brings with it yummy hot chocolate, extensive family barbecues, and chilly winds. Fashion in winters is very different from that in summer because the colors most commonly worn in winter are darker than those worn in summer. We get to layer up with coats, wear sweaters and turtlenecks, and use wool instead of cotton. There are lots of accessories that are individual to winter as well. 

Here are five accessories that will make your winter fashion the talk of the town:


Scarves – When we think of winter, the first thing that pops up in our heads is
woolen scarves and shawls. Scarves are a very popular winter accessory because
they shield you from the cold while making you look elegant and expensive. A
good scarf makes any outfit look put-together and chic. It’s always wonderful to
invest in a woolen scarf because they are soft, lasts long, and looks amazing!

PHOTO: Etro Spring 2021 

Beanies – Since 2020, we have been considering headwear to be an important
accessory category. For the winter edition of the headwear category, beanies are
perfect. Knitted woolen beanies serve the purpose of keeping you warm,
protecting you from the cold, and making you look cute. While beanies aren’t the
usual choice of accessories, they certainly look great with many different types of
outfits. Get a beanie in a bright color and watch the heads turn at you!

Photo: Etro at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2021 

Socks – Is there a better feeling than to snuggle in your favorite blanket and have
cute and fuzzy socks protecting your feet? I think not. Socks aren’t just a part of
your night-time routine. They are also a piece of clothing that you wear out and
about regularly. However, more often than not, we don’t pay much attention to our
socks, whereas socks are a great way to accessorize any outfit. You can color
coordinate your socks with the clothes that you are wearing or add some statement
socks to make them the highlight of your look. There is a lot of potential with
socks being an accessory and lots of fun that you can have!

Photo: Versace Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear

Belts – There is nothing better than a well-synched waist, and a belt is your go-to
accessory for that. During the winter, when it gets cold, your body can get lost
under the layers of clothing worn, and your outfit can appear baggy. However, a
belt can help define your shape and make your look appear to be more structured.
You can use your belt with dresses, sweaters, and even trench coats. It’s the perfect
way to layer efficiently and also look fashionable!

Photo: Etro at Milan Fashion Week Spring 2021 

Brooches on sweaters – How many times have you wanted to borrow your
grandma’s brooch but didn’t because it wouldn’t look stylish? Well, now you have
nothing to fear because grandma-style is trendy again. You can wear a statement
brooch on a sweater or a vest and effortlessly glam up your outfit. Since they are
relatively new to the trend, you can stand out from the crowd and perhaps even set
new trends!

Photo: Chloé Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection
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