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5 Fashion Takeaways From This Year’s MET Gala!

If fashion had a calendar you can bet your heels the MET Gala is marked. From fashions trends, trendsetters and sinners there’s a certain anticipation on the night where glamour aficionados take their not-so-silent vigil in New York City. We’re looking past Lil Nas X’s Star Wars costume and Kim Petras trotting across the red carpet, horse on her chest, and giving you the top five takeaways from this year’s fancy fashion fundraiser.


Sustainable with a capital S


With climate change making headlines in the last year, it’s no surprise that sustainable fashion is leading the fashion game. There was no shortage of designers holding the green banner at this year’s MET night. From Tessa Thompson’s latex hair braid, to Lorde’s silken hippy look lined with copper and beads, it’s evident that curbing your CO2 doesn’t have to curb your style – a lesson in sustainability and innovation that’s all but relevant in modern fashion.

You’re never overdressed!


If the MET Gala had a rulebook, we’d reckon it’d have one line. “If everyone is overdressed, then no one is”. We witnessed stunning dresses and gowns that left us speechless but I think we can all agree that from the smallest to the biggest gowns, no one was overdressed. Let’s take singer Billie Eilish for example. She surprised us with a breathtaking dress looking like Marilyn Monroe that was pulled behind her like a queen, quite a clash to the urban tomboy looks she’s known for. Gorgeous! Olympic gymnast, Simon Biles was no one to scoff at, appearing in a beautiful but heavy dress with a night sky catsuit glittered with stars.

Send a message

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Fashion is about sending a message. It might be social, political or it can be a simple as your mood. Throughout the history of the MET Gala, we have seen powerful messages told through dress, sometimes empowering and other times controversial. But this year, the icons came in strong with a rather controversial message! Let’s talk about the iconic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her “tax the rich” dress that was definitely a bold choice to wear in New York’s Upper East Side. Not afraid to turn heads and rustle a few feathers she walked in with her head high. Next, the beautiful Cara Delevingne that made a colorful, albeit, powerful statement with her “peg the patriarchy” set. The British model’s take on American Independence was the importance of gender equality and shattering the glass ceiling.

Be dramatic, not basic


A dramatic fashion statement is a strong fashion statement. Getting it wrong is always a possibility, but when it comes to the red carpet you’ve got to pull out all the stops! A bold look always stands out and Iman teaches it best. Looking as radiant as ever, the American Model wore a golden feathery headpiece over a matching ringed skirt. The theme? Gold. The lesson? Bold.

Cape dresses are in

Photo: Theo Wargo

Cape dresses are now a very popular trend in their elegance and uniqueness. In this year’s MET Gala, we saw a lot of beautiful cape dresses, some a little on the strange side. Kim Kardashian’s look definitely fell on the stranger side, greeting the red carpet dressed in what appeared to be a widow’s wear. The opaque gown coupled with a hood, left her ponytail trailing behind her, along with her cape. The outfit made its rounds on social media, with some even suggesting it as a potential Halloween costume! It had us scratching are head at first but we love it. Kim Kardashian’s known for being out there and bit a risqué with her wardrobe choice but Kim’s shown us there’s more than an ace or two up her dark black sleeves.

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