5 Lifestyle and Beauty Apps to Try Now

I, like many others, have become attached to my phone. So much so, that it is almost like an external organ. According to an article posted by Khaleeji Times, the average person in the UAE uses their phone for more than 7 hours daily; Meaning the use of our phones takes up a significant part of our lifestyles. So, with so much time spent on our phones, it is important that, at the very least, the apps we use feed into our lives positively and work to enhance the way we live instead of taking from it. If you find that most of the time spent on your phone is on endlessly scrolling through feeds and stories, then this list is for you.


Our reproductive health has a great effect on the way the rest of our bodies works and as women, understanding and being knowledgeable about our reproductive health is very important. This is where clue comes in. It is a daily cycle tracker, that helps predict your cycle as well as other PMS symptoms, such as your emotional states, cravings, and energy levels. Clue also has a subscription plan and with it comes an analysis of all your tracked symptoms as well as comprehensive articles to further your knowledge about your body and health. The interface is easy to use and is a great tool to bring more awareness to your health and learn more in the process.


Livestrong’s My Plate
If you are looking to start taking control of your health, Livestrong’s my plate app is a good way to start. Its primary function serves as a calorie counter; however, it is packed with features that can enhance your lifestyle. Not only does it have a huge archive of caloric food details (including all your favourite fast-food joints) it has recipes and workouts ready for you to try. It is a great tool to assist in whatever body goals you would have. It also makes you more aware of what you are putting into your body.


Brandefy is a great app if you are looking to build or discover new brands for your skincare routine. It has a vast database of affordable products. All you must do is search up or enter some of your favourites and the app will pull up alternatives for you to try.

Fabulous – Daily Routine Planner
Although this app works like a to do list, it does much more than you think. The fabulous app helps you build healthier habits to reach your goals. When you first open the app and sign in, you are asked about what you want to achieve. The app then calibrates a plan for you, that eases you into taking steps towards achieving those goals. Slowly more and more tasks are added to your day and with time and consistency your goals will be met.


Ipsy is your one-stop app for all your makeup needs. The app works to help you discover new makeup brands and products. The app offers personalized product packages which come with different products for you to try. The quantity and volume are dependent on the tiers you chose. The has over 20,000 products from popular brands such as Tarte, Benefit cosmetics, NYX Makeup and many more. Also, if you need any inspiration for all the makeup you acquire, the app has a content features which has tutorials and guidelines to help keep your creative juices flowing.


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