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5 of the Best Law Shows of All Time – According to IMDb

If you are a legal drama enthusiast, you’ve probably watched your fair share of law-based TV series. 

But with so many courtroom TV shows out there, it can be hard to separate the bad from the good. It is clear that some directors and writers have spent time researching the law profession, and how attorneys work, while others have not. 


With this in mind, the team at BPP University Law School, have taken 5 different legal dramas, and ranked them from best to worst, based on their rating on IMDb. 

Better Call Saul – 8.9/10


Taking first place on the list was the Breaking Bad spin-off prequel, Better Call Saul, which scored an impressive 8.9 out of a possible 10. 

The legal drama was an instant hit when it dropped on Netflix back in 2015, and follows the trials of US attorney Jimmy McGill, before his run-in with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. 

The reason this show has been so popular among fans since it aired, was its impressive courtroom scenes. The show features many explosive cases, including the ultimate court battle between Jimmy and Chuck. 

  1. Boston Legal – 8.5/10
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Next up on the list was The Practice spin-off, Boston Legal, with an impressive 8.5/10 on IMDb. 
The series follows the former character Alan Shore from The Practice, and his dealings at the law firm ‘Craig, Poole and Schmidt’. 

Though the show follows a bit of a different format from its predecessor, The Practice, the show still proved popular among fans, with plenty of realistic legal proceedings for those that prefer shows that stick to the book. 

  1. Suits – 8.5/10
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Would it be a list of the best legal dramas on IMDb if Suits didn’t feature somewhere? 

Taking joint second place, the American TV series, scored 8.5 out of a possible 10 on IMDb, and explores the rise and fall of the law firm Pearson-Hardman, among a whole host of drama between Harvey Specter and the other partners at the firm. 

  1. Damages – 8.1/10
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Next up was the 2007 hit Damages, with a score of 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb. Though the show was considered short-lived, with just five seasons, it was deemed one of the most engaging legal dramas out there. 

The show follows ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes, and her new ​​protégée Ellen Parsons as they take on a new case each season. 

Damages was praised in particular by fans for its different approach to depicting the law profession, in which each season focused on one major case rather than trying to fit it all into a 40-minute episode. 

  1. How to Get Away With Murder – 8.1/10
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Can you even call yourself a legal drama fan if you’ve never heard of the infamous Annaliese Keating?

Taking fifth place on the list was How to Get Away With Murder, which scored 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb. The show follows the lawyer and criminal defense attorney who takes five students under her wing and ultimately finds themselves involved in their very own murder plot. 

The show stood out for its murder mystery genre mixed with legal proceedings and is rated so highly thanks to Viola Davies’ incredible portrayal of Annaliese. 


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