6 Lip Care Tips To Get That Picture-Perfect Pout

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Being high-maintenance is a huge flex as you always come across as well put-together. Imagine pulling off regular skincare, hair-care and lip-care all at once! Yes, lip-care. This might come as a surprise to many, but lip-care is a thing.


I wasn’t introduced to lip-care until I started speaking up about my dryness problem. I was so unfamiliar with the routine to the point where I actually thought that drinking water alone would solve my problems. After I looked up ways to take care of my lips, there was no going back. I carry a small lip rescue kit everywhere I go! I keep one in my bathroom, bedroom and even car. Now, taking care of your lips is not as simple as it sounds. However, it is one of the most enjoyable routines to do. Plus, all this mask-wearing leaves our lips dry, so I encourage everyone to be familiar with these tips to keep lips nourished.


Tip #1: Exfoliation
I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with lip exfoliation. As there are scrubs for our bodies, there are some for lips as well! This tip makes the rest of the routine easier because it is a huge step to getting rid of dead skin. A dab of water and a touch of the scrub would do the job. I prefer doing it before I go to bed, but some prefer adding it to their morning routine. Some of my personal favorite lip scrubs that are definitely worth the spend are the Lush lip scrubs.

Tip #2: Vitamin E
This might be an unusual recommendation but vitamin E has had a reputation for healing skin for decades! In fact, it healed my ear piercing infection overnight! I tried everything from fucidin to antibiotics but vitamin E was the only way I got rid of it. That is because it’s well known for healing and producing new skin cells. This tip is especially for those that use lip-biting as a coping mechanism. Vitamin E is here to save your chapped lips. The Body Shop has a great Vitamin E Lip Care stick which can be applied anytime during the day, and even before lipstick.


Tip #3: Protection
Unless your lips are made of iron, exposure to sun does horrible damage to your lips as much as it does to your face. SPF is vital and must be added to your day-to-day routines if you’re trying to keep your lips protected and soft at all costs. I’m sure that we can all collectively agree that Cetaphil’s Protective Lip Balm SPF 50+ offers the best SPF for lip-protection from the sun. Don’t confuse SPF with moisturizing, that’s a whole different story that you have to read about in the next tip!


Tip #4: Moisturizer
Finally! My favorite part about lip-care, a lot of us swear by this tip. We carry lip balms with us everywhere we go. It’s common knowledge that the skin that covers your lips is one of the softest areas. Hydrating your lips helps avoid chapping and cracking. A lip moisturizer that has had nothing but outstanding reviews is the Carmex Classic Lip Balm.

Tip #5: Citrus
This is a remedy that has been passed down for centuries, proven to remove dead skin and brighten lips! The way this works is to rub drops of lemon juice on the surface of your lips and watch as it starts removing the dead skin within seconds. This helps your pout look plumped and nourished.


Tip #6: Take off your makeup before bed
This might be stating the obvious, but a lot of us (and I say “us” because I had the same issue) don’t realize the importance of removing your lipstick before bed. If you use matte liquid lipsticks like the Kylie Cosmetics one, you would understand what I mean when I say that they’re extremely challenging to take off. A lot of long-wear lipsticks simply refuse to rub off with a makeup remover. So, sleeping with some of it on doesn’t seem too harmful. Right? Wrong. Leaving products on before bed is just as harmful as leaving your foundation on. It doesn’t allow your skin to breath and from personal experience it leaves your lips drier than a desert! A good makeup remover for stubborn lipstick are the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Remover Wipes, or even some good old coconut oil should do just fine!

Skincare in general is extremely important, but many people don’t realize that lips fall under the category of “skin”. Taking good care of your lips and adding lip-care to our daily routines shouldn’t be slept on!


 Hind Ayoubi
Hind Ayoubi

A passionate writer and a determined law student. 


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