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8 UAE-based Sustainable Brands Everyone Should Know About

The fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution on this planet. It is plagued by overproduction because of the increase in fast fashion. World over, there are a lot of discussions to move the fashion industry into a more sustainable space to reduce the use of water and other materials that can be used for more productive purposes. Pollutants and waste have to be reduced; hence sustainability and recycling are the only way forward. The UAE is seeing a rise in homegrown brands that are socially and environmentally conscious. Here are some of the brands that do an excellent job in giving us products complying with consumers’ ethical values.

  1. The Giving Movement
S354V8 Women's Asymmetric Softskin100© Tank Top

The Giving Movement’s goal is to bring about positive change through togetherness and build a global community that champions sustainability and slowly transforms the world through this effort. They are into streetwear that is super comfortable and trendy. They have been making charitable contributions to a non-government organization Harmony House helping underprivileged women and children based out of India and Dubai Cares, which supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal and creates supporting programs for childhood development in an effort to break the cycle of poverty by providing quality education to children.

  1. Remami

The Sharjah-based label consciously produces timeless staples in small batches to reduce waste and tries to not overstock their dresses. Reemami has a zero-waste policy, using their leftover fabrics to create beautiful accessories. Reemami uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)’s certified organic cotton and denim and also uses GOTS-certified manufacturing units for their prints and dyeing. Reemami’s collections are eye-catching, attractive, and quirky. They are also one of the first UAE-based sustainable clothing labels. As residents/citizens, we have to applaud their work in the field of fashion and making the earth a better place through their conscious efforts to produce sustainable products for their consumers.

  1. Kaleidoscope By Mimi
kaleidoscopebymimi - Twitter Search / Twitter

Kaleidoscope by Mimi is an ethically conscious UAE-based label that emphasizes comfort and inclusivity. The brand is known for its attractive patterns, prints, and amalgamation of bright colors. The founder and designer, Mimi Shakhashir, believes in preserving traditional arts and empowering artisans and craftsmen by sourcing raw materials directly from them. The label focuses on sustainable manufacturing practices and provides the artisans with a source of income, which is a win-win for all. The colors, prints, and materials used give a very bohemian-chic look and the materials used are breathable, making the outfits from the label both beautiful and comfortable to wear.

  1. By M.A.R.Y

By M.A.R.Y is made for all women who want to feel beautiful and elegant. The label offers clothes made from sustainable materials. Some of their products are jumpsuits, tops, dresses, jackets, pants, and kimonos for women. All of their clothes are designed and made by hand in the United Arab Emirates, empowering artisan communities within the country.

  1. Eurthlin
A premium range of Luxury Vegan Handbags & Pouches | EURTHLIN

Eurthlin creates premium cruelty-free vegan leather handbags and accessories. The UAE-based brand has PETA’s approval and is registered with The Vegan Society Shopping. They have been collaborating with One Tree Planted; they assist in planting a tree in exchange for every item sold, which is a noble cause. They have created a brand that saves animals, helps replant trees in the Amazon, and runs a successful company.

  1. Fyne Jewellery
Fyne Jewellery | Timeless Jewellery Essentials with Sustainable Values – FYNE  Jewellery
Fyne Jewelry

Fyne Jewelry is the Middle East’s premier lab-grown diamond jewelry brand. Fyne Jewelry is affordable and uses ethical diamonds that are lab grown. They employ local artisans to produce their designs and have a made-to-order policy preventing overproduction and waste. 

  1. Glossy Lounge

Glossy Lounge is an all-inclusive luxury loungewear brand based in UAE. The label was founded and designed by Natasha Zaki and uses GOTS-certified bamboo fabric, organic cotton, and upcycled materials for their clothing and to package the products. They have partnered with Emirates Nature; they work on nature conservation and protecting the mangroves within the country.

8. Thaely

Thaely is the Vegan Label Keeping Both Your Fits and Oceans Clean

Thaely produces sneakers from plastic bags and bottles, which is innovative and a masterful way to eliminate the excess waste of plastic bags and bottles dumped into wastelands and oceans. Thaely means ‘bag’ in Hindi. The brand’s innovative approach uses up to ten plastic bags and twelve plastic bottles. The young founder of Thaely Ashay Bhave is backed by many corporates as they believe this brand will greatly impact reducing plastic waste.

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