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A Marbleous Trend: The Ongoing Interior Trend That Is Always In Season

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As each trend comes and goes, Marble seems to maintain its place in the forefront of the interior design sector. From the ground up, marble textures can be used in the design structures from walls to floors to ceilings, however, with the home furnishings from Chattels & More, it’s possible to add delicate accents and statement pieces to incorporate marble into any room without overwhelming it.

So why is marble still popular today? As a material that has been associated with luxury and wealth since the Imperial Roman period, Marble is highly durable and able to withstand extreme heat. As one of the lowest maintenance materials, it is ideal to be used as a heavy-use piece of furniture such as the dining table. Chattels & More’s extensive dining and table collections has a range of marble tables that are easy to clean and maintain. Tables with a marble finish can add a stunning statement to any dining space.


“In the world of interior design, marble will never be out of style – it’s just timeless. The key to keeping the room fresh is by adding accessories in moderation. Adding marble in smaller doses will allow it to stand out and add a decorative touch without overwhelming the space”.  – Madeleine Latti, Interior Designer for Chattels & More


As well as statement pieces, smaller marble home decorations can give a great touch to any room. By creating focal points and adding elements of marble, a room can be transformed with just one or two pieces. A beautiful marble candle holder, a flower pot or even a light feature, are perfect for subtle touches and simple patterns that can illuminate a modern space.

Known for their premium, eccentric and modern furnishings for the home, Chattels and More stores house a wide variety of accessories that can add classy and beautiful elements to a room. Whether purchasing a modern and stylish piece of furniture, or choosing a subtle accessory, customers can find a great selection of marble interior pieces online at www.kareuae.ae or at any of the Chattels & More stores across the region.

Orbit Table lamp Price: AED 8,998

Add a modern touch to your office or coffee tables, these modern style lamps from Chattels & More include subtle marble on the base to add the extra layer of class and elegance.

Deco Object Leopard 95cm
Price: AED 1,920

Make a bold statement with this quirky accessory. For the interior enthusiasts who love their animal home interiors, this white marble leopard is a not so subtle way to add marble to the home space.

Medium Size Orchid in Marble Looking Pot
AED 483

As subtle as it can be, this flowerpot is finished with a marble decoration to make a stunning accessory to the home. This faux flower is high-quality and will add a calm expression into any room.

Solo Dining Table Marble Black Dia
AED 5,118

Living alone? This miniature dining table is the perfect choice for the smaller spaces. For the modern bachelor pad or the cool, modern settings, this table is classy, luxurious and will be a great statement to a kitchen or dining space.

Toulouse Dining Table AED 13,780

Make a subtle statement with sandy textured marble. This stunning piece can add modern touch while keeping a room light and ambient. Easy to maintain and highly durable, this is a great selection for a dining table.

All items can be purchased in Chattels & More stores or online at www.kareuae.ae


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