A Modern Woman’s Guide to Trendy and Useful Skincare Beauty Tools

Women have always been concerned about their beauty throughout history; no doubt they had tools in ancient times, but as time passed – their tools and methods evolved. Thanks to modern science and technology, we now have access to an array of skincare tools. By having these incredible skincare tools selected by us, you could have healthy, radiant, and beautiful skin without visiting a beauty salon. 


1. NuFace Trinity Lip & Eye Enhancer Attachment.


This FDA-cleared microcurrent treatment attachment for the NuFACE Trinity allows you to target hard-to-reach areas such as eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet, and smile lines to improve eye and lip areas. Use before applying makeup for a dramatic look that wows by targeting the eye and lip areas Visible results that improve over time.

2. Sunscreen Coverage Reveal UVMagic Mirror by L&L skin.


A brilliant two-sided mirror, UVMagic reveals sunblock coverage with the UV test camera on one side and has a 3 brightness level LED light on the other side for applying makeup and tweezing eyebrows with the LED light on the other side. We become less capable of detecting and attacking threats to our immune system when our skin is damaged by UV rays. As a result, our bodies are less equipped to fight diseases and are slower to heal themselves. We can help keep our immune system in top shape by applying sunscreen regularly to prevent UV damage to our skin.

It has been proven that ultraviolet radiation helps prevent aging by maintaining skin texture. It also reduces the appearance of pimples, visible blood vessels, pigmented areas like freckles, and fine lines. When you apply sunscreen after your moisturizer and before your make-up, you can easily incorporate it into your morning beauty routine. There are now many high-quality facial sunscreens on the market that are specifically made for layering under your foundation.

3. FOREO – LUNA play plus Facial Cleansing Brush.

FOREO – LUNA play plus Facial Cleansing Brush.

2-zone facial cleansing brush suitable for all skin types. It removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and gets rid of up to 99.5% of dirt and oil.
Gives you a more radiant, clear, and healthier-looking skin within 3 days and the best part is that you don’t need to ever replace the brush head because it is 35X more hygienic than nylon cleansing brushes. It is fully waterproof, for regular use in the bath or shower, and ultra travel-friendly.

4. VIA – 3in1 Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device by L&L skin.


With one device, you can address multiple skin concerns and clean, firm, lift, and tone your skin with RF/EMS/Ultrasonic treatments. Radiofrequency (RF): Delivers thermal energy to the skin to tighten, firm, and lift it. With EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation), the skin’s muscles will be stimulated, resulting in tighter and more toned skin. Sonic deeply cleanses the skin, removes dull skin, clears congestion, and removes blackheads with ultrasonic vibration.

5. Braun mini hair remover.


Braun fs1000 face mini electric facial hair removal for women with smart light white is a miniature electric facial hair remover designed for women, delivering fast and gentle results. When you use the Braun Mini Hair Remover, you will have a smooth, consistent face that is free of peach fuzz. A quick and gentle way to remove hair.

6. MAMI Hot & Cold Beauty Device by L&L Skin.

MAMI is a Hot and Cold Beauty Device that features an anti-aging system that combines high-speed massage, red/blue LED lights, and heating/cooling capabilities. It was developed based on the ancient Chinese healing technique called Gua Sha, which first appeared in the Shan Han Lun dated 220 CE, a classical Chinese medicine text. Your lymph nodes are drained this way, providing lymphatic drainage. Fluids such as lymph help remove waste and toxins from your joints. However, if the fluid stagnates, it can cause several skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and other problems. This product massages the connective tissue, or fascia, that has been affected by tension, creating a lifting effect on the face thanks to its skin-friendly metal treatment head. Stimulates blood circulation and decreases puffiness while reducing fine lines, facial wrinkles, and neck wrinkles. In addition to producing collagen, it soothes the skin and decreases inflammation. Moreover, it promotes the penetration of skincare products and, above all, temporarily tightens the skin. Mami’s hot and cold beauty device sculpts your facial contour.


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