Aagha Ali On His Intimate Wedding, and Who Made The First Move? | COVER STORY

PHOTO: Jamo Magazine February issue

Aagha Ali has been a heartthrob ever since he stepped into the business, Girls crushing over him & his work and making him one of the known celebrities in the Pakistan Showbiz business. I had a talk with the artist about all things you want to know, from Low-key unplanned Marriage to why he is not following anyone on Instagram.


JAMO Also Had a chat with Actor and Musician Ricky Garcia as we talked about all things about his role in Netflix’s new movie “Finding ‘Ohana”, juggling between Music and Acting, and how Ricky is set to make 2021 his year. How can we not talk about Michael Judson Berry who is taking over the internet and especially TikTok with over his comedic videos he has been entertaining everyone during quarantine, Michael is no stranger to the world of the internet and if you are a TikTok user, you must have come across his creative videos. Our Entertainment Editor Fami had a chat with Brat’s Chicken Girls actress Erin Reese, who is making her name in the music industry with her new EP “Hometown Heart” along with more songs to come, how she has been creating content often on TikTok, and things she learned while quarantining. JAMO also had a chat with Rup Singh Indian-American luxury Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur. Who is skyrocketing in The Real-estate Market! Rup Is NY Based Luxury Real-estate Agent and Entrepreneur who is inspiring and is someone you should look out for this year. We discuss how he made a career in Real-Estate Business and how it all started, things he likes, and advice for his younger self.


We got Avori Henderson Exclusive interview, as she making waves as a female gamer in the world of gaming. Not only has she made a name for herself as an expert gamer but she is also setting examples that gaming doesn’t just belong to guys. Avori gained a fandom as she began to upload her gaming techniques online, leading her to run the first-ever all- Female PUBG Tournament that was professionally broadcasted. But Avori is more than a gamer, she is a traveler and someone who breaks the stereotypes.


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