Actor, Writer, and Producer Kyle Matthew On Disney’s Bunk’d, YouTube & Fitness

Kyle Matthew is a Texas-born triple threat who is a rising actor, writer, and producer. Shortly after completing his B.A. acting program at USC, Kyle landed starring roles in successful short films “UNINVITED” and “Charlie Hughes” which both premiered at film festivals. His talent and quality led him to secure a supporting role in an upcoming film as well as a Guest-starring appearance on Disney’s Bunk’d. Kyle engages in all areas of acting, particularly comedy which is evident in his YouTube sketches.

PC: Ben Cope

You became interested in acting in the 8th grade after winning the best actor award, what measures did you take since then to follow your dreams?
Asked a lot of questions and took a lot of classes. Both of which I still do to this day. 

Not so long after completing your acting program, you landed two roles, how hard was it to get those two roles?
I have an incredible team (shout out Kim and Chris) who have opened up a lot of doors for me, and amazing acting coaches (shoutout LK and Co) who continue to help me evolve as a performer. The hard part…through trial and error, patience, disappointment, persistence, and honestly luck, was connecting with the people who I mentioned above. Landing those two roles was just a byproduct of all that.


Could you describe in 3 words how you felt after landing your first two starring roles?
Inspired, grateful, and energized. 

You were born and raised in Dallas but moved to Los Angeles to study at USC, would you ever move back to Dallas?
I visit Dallas often and it will always have a very special place in my heart, but I’m not sure how likely it is that I’ll ever permanently move back (please don’t tell my mother). Then again, never say never…who knows what the future holds. 


Between juggling your upcoming acting roles, writing, and producing, when do you find time to create your YouTube sketches?
By not sleeping. 

Your YouTube sketches have reached over 100K views, how does it feel to have a large audience following and viewing your content?
It’s profoundly gratifying. All I ever want and hope for with any work I’m involved in is to make people laugh and/or offer them permission to feel. 

You revealed that you volunteer at Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters Los Angeles (JBBSLA) in your free time, how often do you get to do that considering your busy schedule?
My involvement with JBBSLA has been nothing short of amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone. I have an awesome “little brother” who I connect with a few times a month. 


Do you have any crazy techniques that you practice to help you speed up your creative process for your writing, acting, and producing?
When I first started auditioning in high school, my “creative process” consisted of drinking a can of red bull and eating a whole pack of starbursts. That ritual didn’t last very long because I learned real quick that it was arguably one of the worst things I could have done, because all it did was make my “audition jitters” a million times worse. Now, my pre-performance rituals include mediating, vocal/body warmups, and the absence of excess sugar and caffeine.

You are passionate about fitness and engage in several sports, which sport out of all the ones you practice would you say is your favorite?
Basketball will always be my first love, so, as much as I love watching football and playing fantasy football (shoutout BK and our consistantly dominant squad, The Franchise), I would have to say basketball. 

PC: Ben Cope

You support NFL and NBA teams, which of the sports do you prefer to watch out of football and basketball?
My hometown teams are the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys, but my passion teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles (San Diego) Chargers. I would say the team I’m most invested in would be the Chargers (with the Lakers being a very close second). One of my dad’s mentors was the late Alex Spanos, so the Chargers get the edge because I’ve been going to the games since I was a little kid. Unfortunately, it has brought me nothing but pain and turmoil, because of the way they perform, but I am rooting for them endlessly and passionately.

You currently take advanced classes at The Groundlings, how impactful are these classes in shaping your acting skills?
Classes at The Groundlings have been challenging, but also sooooooo much fun. It’s given me the opportunity to reconnect with my inner-child and meet incredibly talented people along the way. The art of improv is an invaluable tool for any performer, or person for that matter, because its’ foundation is listening and being present. 


How exciting was it to Guest Star in Disney’s Bunk’d and how was the overall experience?
Being a part of Disney’s Bunk’d was an absolutely amazing experience. While I, unfortunately, can’t currently discuss any specifics about the role, I can tell you that the entire team on Bunk’d couldn’t have been kinder and more welcoming to me. I’m very excited for everyone to see it when it airs.

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