Actress, Reporter, and Producer Jessica Ross On Filming Hollywood Unexpected, Fashion Dolls & More

Jessica Ross is a popular actress and reporter being seen both in film and television. Jessica has also written several fashion blogs and been on reality TV. Back in 2017, she appeared as one of the cast members of the Fashion One Network’s “Fashion Dolls,” which happen to air across 175 countries. And now, after having a tough year, she was surprised with a trip to Virginia to visit her friends. However, instead of thinking about a quiet vacation, it turns out to be “an adventure of a lifetime”.


Hello, Jessica! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
I am an actress, reporter, and producer. I was fortunate to be born into a wonderful family in southern California. My dad was in the music industry. I was always going to different places and events. I am thankful my parents instilled a strong work ethic in me from an early age. 

How did you first start your career, and what motivated you to become an actress and a reporter? 
Living where I did, I had a natural love for all things related to the entertainment industry. As I was surrounded by friends and family who were in different parts of the business, it made me realize that this is what I want to be a part of. I began taking acting classes as a child and booking roles during college.

Could you tell us about your appearance in Fashion Dolls?
We had scheduled many red carpet events in every part of town during a short period. The guest lists often had several hundred people so things would get chaotic at times. There was a lot to coordinate simultaneously with our lives outside of the show. It was a great learning experience! 

As a reporter how do you ensure your work is accurate and factual? 
I always research the person, subject, or event. First their social media and webpage, then read other articles or interviews about them and look thoroughly on Google to verify facts and information. 


 What qualities do you think to make a good reporter? 
Excellent writing skills, the ability to work well with different personalities, thinking on your feet, and asking relevant questions that are of interest to viewers and energy because of the random hours and travel.   

As a reporter and an actress, what can you say about the television industry in general? 
Until recently broadcast or cable was the only option to distribute a tv show. Just a few years ago we didn’t have many of these online and social media platforms that are popular today. The industry is changing so much, there are more opportunities than ever before which makes it even that much more exciting. 

Moving on to your vacation to Virginia to visit Iseli Family, did you find the experience exciting after all? 
I had never been to Virginia before so everything was new to me. I thought I was going there to unwind but instead, every day turned out to be a new adventure!


What was your first impression of the trip and what was your main goal throughout the series? 
I was in awe of how clean the air and environment were. Everything seemed to slow down, there was a sense of calm that I am not used to. Also, you have so much freedom to customize your property and make it unique because of all the open space. The Iseli family has over 6 acres of land – it seemed like I was staying at a theme park. This is the first season of Hollywood Unexpected. My vision for the show is to inspire women to find their own purpose, and celebrate where they are at this moment. 

What skills do you employ when filming a reality tv series?
Patience! My first flight was canceled the day after it was booked and the only other airport that had a direct flight was over 2 hours away from where I was staying. Understand sound, lighting, and camera angles. Also editing – even if you hire an editor you still have to go through all the footage numerous times and know the process or it will take twice as much time to get everything done. 


What was the most memorable thing while filming Hollywood Unexpected?
My entire trip to Virginia was memorable, one that stands out was going through a forest on an ATV. It was such a rush, I felt like a kid again but also frightening because all it takes is one mistake and you could easily fall off and get critically injured.

What advice would you give people who are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone? 
Set a date that you want to start and go for it. The most difficult part is beginning, once you face your fears and embark upon your dreams, you then have to stay motivated despite any obstacles that occur. It can get overwhelming if you try to do everything on your own. Ask for help from people that you trust when you are feeling stuck or unsure about something.


Any upcoming projects you can talk about? 
On August 12th, I walked in the Stand Sexy by Nikki Perez summer collection fashion show at the iconic Chinese Theatre. I am working on another tv show and just began editing the music for Hollywood Unexpected with multi-platinum award-winning producer Dito Godwin. 

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