Aedin Mincks On Discovering His Passion For Arts, Cobra Kai and More

It appears that Hollywood has a bright future with actor Aedin Mincks in the lead. Best known for his break out roles in Ted and A.N.T Farms. Aedin got his start in acting at the age of 6, with a slew of commercial jobs including Orbit Gum, Verizon, and Capital One as Visigoth kid “Garth Jr”. But quickly move on to television and films. Currently Aedin can be seen in a major show called Cobra Kai. 


When did you discover your passion for the arts?
I was 7 years old when my brother and I were obsessed with watching Lord of the Rings, we got the extended edition and watched the behind the scenes and that’s when we discovered what acting was. My main goal was to actually be in the next LOTR even though they were already out for some time.

You have already achieved a lot of success in your young career, but when you look back, is Is there any special moment that stands out to you? 
I’d say one of my favorite memories would have to be when I was on set for Ted and I was waiting outside Fenway Park with Mark Wahlberg for the cameras to get set up, and we were talking about fighting moves and I told him how my uncle is a marine and taught me some moves and Mark started playing around with me and getting in a boxer stance and said: “Oh yeah you wanna try some of those moves out?”

Fans will remember you for your breakout role in A.N.T farm. How did that experience prepare you for Cobra Kai? 
I think it helped get the jitters out with the crowds we would perform in front of a live studio audience for Ant Farm. Cobra Kai is shot more in public locations rather than a closed-off set, so you will have passer-byes staring or recording, and for the big crowds or tournaments 


Considering that Cobra Kai is a spin of the classic film Karate Kid, as a movie lover, did that influence your desire to be a part of a series? 
It definitely made a difference because my parents loved the movies. One day I was actually thinking about what would be the perfect project I want to work on, and I actually wanted to do something like a fighting or action type show or movie, so when I got the audition for Cobra Kai it felt like a literal blessing.

Do you prefer playing a bad guy or a good guy? 
It’s fun getting to play a bad guy because I’m actually a pretty nice person, but getting to play around with that type of character is refreshing.

How does it feel like working with some of the original cast from the film?
It’s incredible honestly, they’re some of the nicest people I’ve met in the industry and it’s cool to experience the masters in action.

In the third season there are so many cameos, was there anyone you were especially looking forward to seeing? 
I would have to say Chozen, it was so hilarious seeing his rematch and getting a revenge “Honk” at Daniel

How does this role compare to your other roles? 
Is it more challenging? Yes because of the fighting and training 

Your character has gone through quite a journey throughout the series. What surprised you most about his arc?
He was kinda going down the wrong path at first and it surprised me when he even chose the dojo over his own best friend, but what really surprised me was when he decided to stand up for himself at the end and joined Miyagi-do

Cobra Kai has a great message about bullying, what do you think should be a great takeaway with That topic? 
Prove people wrong, don’t let them shit on you and make them think they’re right about you. Putting in the effort and bettering yourself is the best revenge you can take.


You are a part of social media. What kind of feedback have you been receiving this season? 
Mostly my characters nicknames

What would you like to say to everyone who are fans and supporters of you and your work?
Thank you for all of the support! My Instagram and Twitter tags are @AedinMincks

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