Allison Kimball Model, Activist, and Now Podcast Host

I Had chatted with Model, Activist, and now Host of a podcast show called “The Spiked Kombucha Podcast” Allison Kimball, who is is thriving on making the world a better place, with a motivational post, and an inspiring attitude. 

PHOTO Courtesy Of Allison Kimball

FA: I’m so thrilled to have you, so Alison tell our readers about yourself and what have you been up to lately?
AK: So the Holidays have been absolutely amazing for me and I’ve been taking it pretty slow honestly. I’ve been super mindful of where I’m at and enjoying some slower times for Christmas and my birthday which is 2 days after Christmas on December 27th! I just bought a snowboard so I’ve gone to the slopes a few times too!

FA: I absolutely love your aesthetic and the content that you post, can you give us little background information on what’s the process like when creating content?
AK: Oh my goodness my aesthetic changes pretty much every 2.5 days (Laughs). My core values encapsulate staying true to myself and what I am interested in. I used to think that I needed to stick to just ONE thing. Now, I allow myself to freely post whatever I want without a reoccurring theme! Or if there is a reoccurring theme, it’s just me and what I like. It makes it a lot easier and also shows a much more authentic side of me too.

FA: Have you always been into Entertainment and modeling?
AK: I actually haven’t! The only things I really cared about when I was a kid were being outside, exploring, or going on adventures. I was so in the moment all the time and just enjoying things like riding quads, fishing, kayaking, and camping. I loved my dolls and things too much, so I didn’t start to develop my love for the industry until I was 12. That’s when I dove headfirst right into modeling and YouTube.

FA: To me, you seem like a fun person to hang around with, what’s life like behind the scene?
AK: Aww, thanks! Life behind the scenes for me is definitely a blast. It’s so lovely and some of my favorite and best moments were not captured by a camera or anything, simply just beautiful memories. I love being the go-to friend for advice as well. I really love helping people and understanding people. I’m very open-minded and non-judgemental so I carry good, positive vibes with me whenever I go. I love the glass that is half full, haha. But for real hanging out with me, you can expect lots of impulsive adventures, going fun places, and memories that will be the stories we can tell our grandkids someday.

FA: Quarantine has been pretty crazy for many people, what was it like for you and who were you quarantining with?
AK: Quarantine was a time for me to slow down and really take care of myself. I feel like I healed myself from the inside out during this time. I did so much self-care and learned more about myself than ever before. I focused on the positive and the good parts of where I was in the present moment. So, this included me saving money from not going out places anymore, not shopping in stores anymore, and being cozy at home all the time. When I focused on the positive, it made it a lot better. I also was quarantined with my sweet boyfriend, who is the absolute love of my life, which made things a lot better too!

FA: What advice would you give to your younger self and why?
AK: I would tell myself to not allow myself to have as much fear. It took me quite a while to get over simple fears like heights, snakes, spiders, and things like that. Now I tell myself, “I have no fear, and I’m not afraid of anything.” This mindset helps me stay confident and secure in many situations.

FA: 2020 was pretty insane and it taught us so many things, what did you learn and what are you gonna take along the way from this year?
AK: I learned that taking care of myself from the inside out is most important. Taking time for self-care, and taking it slow. Not forcing myself to keep going-going-going is the best thing for me. I need to recharge sometimes!

FA: What new skill did you learn in quarantine?
AK: I perfected my handstands and learned a lot of yoga. I learned a lot more recipes and made lots of home-cooked meals. One major thing I learned was how to properly invest in stocks and I can keep up with that every day now too.

FA: Do you have any new year’s resolutions and can you list some?
AK: My New Year’s resolution is to continue to stay present. Staying present has immensely changed my life and allowed me to not worry about the past or future. Sticking to smaller daily goals helps me too. I’m not going to set massive life-changing ones to achieve right away, because then it will put pressure on me. If I continue to achieve all my daily goals every day, then this leads to a healthy lifestyle overall. This is every day for me-not just for the new year!

FA: Are you binge-watching anything nowadays?
AK: I actually don’t watch too many things on Netflix or TV or anything really! I really love HGTV, especially anything with Chip & Joanna Gaines in it. I also have a guilty pleasure of watching The Bachelor every once in a while, too. I mostly love watching tutorials, listening to podcasts, or guided meditations.

FA: What’s your favorite life quote?
AK: I really like “have a better day.” This is better than saying “Have a good day” because someone already could be having a good day, but tell them to make it better! Also, this isn’t as commonly used, so people really think about it more than simply saying “have a good one”.

FA: So tell me a bit about your podcast “The Spiked Kombucha Podcast”? what is it all about?
AK: This podcast is a self-improvement podcast where I talk about my personal experiences that led me to stick to the core values I have now. These are the stories that led me to the person I am today. Basically, I cover all the life lessons I’ve learned, and how you can learn from them too. I will cover everything from family, relationships, the modeling industry, food, and much more. I plan to bring on guests in the near future as well to have their stories be told, too.

FA: You will be releasing your Self-help ebook in January, tell us about it?
AK: This book holds a special place in my heart. This is the first of many, but this book goes into detail about all my experiences, in a bit of a different way than how the podcast will cover things. The book is like a puzzle. Once you read it, you will begin to understand why things work the way they do, why people act the way they do, and you will be more aware of yourself.

FA: Lastly, is there anything that you would like to add that I missed?
AK: I just want people who read this sentence to go drink a glass of water. It literally helps with everything.

FA: and what’s your message for JAMO readers?
AK: Thank you to the lovely humans who are here and who would like to follow along with my story and my life lessons. Have a better day.

The Interview was originally published in JAMO Magazine January Issue 2021

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