Arabian Beard Care Brand, Diggn’It, Launches in FACES, Mall of the Emirates

17 February, 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates—Ending 2020 on a high note and starting 2021 with a significant milestone crossed, Diggn’It, the natural beard care line hailing from Saudi Arabia, which landed its first big break when featured on Shark Tank, has announced the launch of its products in FACES,  Mall of Emirates branch, as well as on the beauty brand’s e-commerce platform, A result of being exclusively handpicked as one of the ‘Top Five Beauty Brands of 2020’ in Chalhoub’s Beauty Brand Incubator, a collaboration between The Greenhouse, Chalhoub’s creative hub for entrepreneurs and innovators, and The Beauty Makers, Chalhoub Group’s in-house experts in beauty brand creation and curation.

The Arabian beard care brand had caught the attention of Chalhoub Group back in late 2020 when it became the product of choice for many bearded gents in the UAE, and gained strong media attention in the region. Having recently launched ‘The Greenhouse Incubator Program’ in collaboration with Chalhoub Group’s ‘The Beauty Makers’, The Beauty Brand Incubator was on a mission to guide small and up-and-coming beauty brands in the UAE to grow their businesses, and provide them with a platform to sell their product in Faces, the leading beauty omni-retailer in the region. Handpicked from 150 participating brands and being chosen as the only male brand amongst the ‘Top Five Beauty Brands of 2020’ by the program, Diggn’It has now unboxed its entire product range within the male section in Faces. 

Commenting on its latest expansion, Wasseem Sendi says, “When Diggn’It was just an idea that started in our kitchen, we couldn’t have imagined going this far—selling in one of the largest beauty hubs in the Middle East—and we’re really excited to keep surfing the waves of this industry!’’

Mall-goers and beard enthusiasts can find Diggn’It’s products in Faces, Mall of the Emirates starting February 14th & can enjoy Faces’ Incubator Roadshow on the 25th of February from 11AM to 1PM, where customers can attend a fun day of beard trivia, learn how to create the perfect beard care routine, a raffle draw, gifts, and more.

A few of Waseem Sendi’s top picks that will be available in Faces, Mall of the Emirates branch, and include but not limited to: 

The Essential Grooming Kit: The brand’s latest exclusive kit offers solutions to all the common beard complications, including products that are hygienic, nourishing, and reduces itchiness. The kit comes in a waxed canvas toiletry bag available in four colors and is stocked with all of Diggn’It’s best-selling products which are The Arabian beard oil, Arabian beard balm, beard & mustache scissors,, bamboo beard brush, and finally, a sandalwood beard comb.

Beard Balms: The ideal product for conditioning, taming and protecting your beard. Diggn’It’s creamy Oud Beard Balm perfectly hydrates the beard and underlying skin while locking in moisture. Most conventional balms contain synthetic pore clogging ingredients leaving your beard itchy and strangely. Diggn’It’s balms contain all-natural soothing ingredients that thicken, soften, nourish, and protect beards.

Beard Oils: The Diggn’It Arabian Beard Oil softens, thickens, and nourishes hair and the face. Basic shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that dry out a man’s beard and skin, leaving it patchy and itchy. Diggn’It offers a traditional, all-natural product specifically designed to eliminate itching while helping the beard grow strong and healthy.

Beard Hygiene, Beard & Face Bar & Beard Softener: The Diggn’It beard softener cultivates and eases beard hair. It is a specialized conditioner that moisturizes the beard leaving buyers feeling euphoric and calm, simultaneously. Flexible and fresh, our softener can be used in and out of the shower.

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