Ayurvedic Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look & Feel Great

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Throughout history, different eras have looked for ways to develop different substances that may ease distress and discomfort. There’s usually a preconception that both science and spirituality cannot exist together yet Ayurvedic practices continues to challenge that. What is it?


Ayurveda is an ancient way of self-care that has evolved throughout the span of over five thousand years. The main concept of Ayurveda is heavily related to allowing both mental and physical health to coexist, for these two concepts are intrinsically linked to each other. For example, have you ever been so stressed that it has actually affected your own eating habits? That’s your mental and physical intersecting and playing a detrimental role in your life.

The cool thing about Ayurveda is that each self-care process is completely unique to each person. Its crafted and tailored to an individual’s spiritual needs. Unlike astrology or a strict regime, Ayurveda can be altered and changed depending on how you may feel physically and mentally on a day-to-day basis. One of the main branches of Ayurveda we’ll be discussing is built upon combining the mind, body, and soul into a comprehensible idea. This is known as ‘Dosha.’ What is Dosha? Why is it important?
Dosha originates from a Sanskrit word which can be translated to ‘that which can cause problems.’ Although problems can arise if your Dosha is unbalanced, I personally tend to think of it as the opposite. Think of your body as a car. Your soul and mind are the fog that surrounds you, making it difficult to see ahead of you. Finding out what your Dosha is would be the windshield wiper that you need to move forward. It provides you clarity.

There are three Dosha elements you might be;
By finding out your Dosha, you end up one step closer to creating a healthier, balanced lifestyle. If you’re unsure what your Dosha is, take this quiz!


Implementing your Dosha to your beauty routine: If you’re a Kapha ..
Kaphas’ elements are made up of water and earth, how exciting! However, with both elements combined, Kaphas are more prone to ‘seasonal’ depression than any other placement. One way to help combat this roller coaster of despair is by taking time for yourself once a week with a steam facial. Instead of a toner filled with harsh synthetics and preservatives, opt for soothing rose water!

If you’re a Vata ..
Vata types are made up of space and air, this leads them to be more prone to all types of dryness such as flaky skin and chapped lips. What’s generally recommended to ‘rebalance’ is a Shirodhara treatment. This is essentially the process of pouring warm oils on your face, through this we recommend adding an oil cleansing method to your skincare routine. We also recommend a daily DIY lip scrub to be added in your skincare regimen and to avoid matte lipsticks. Thank us later.


If you’re a Pitta ..
Pitta types are made up of fire and water. Sounds conflicting, right? It’s no shocker these types are more prone to stress-related skin breakouts! Alongside this, these types are more likely to get sunburnt, so it’s super important for these Pitta types to center their skincare routine on products that
have a ‘cooling’ effect. A tip we suggest is to place your face masks inside your refrigerator, stock up on your favourite sunscreen, and to invest in your own personal skincare ice roller! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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