Beat The Heat This Summer: Take Care Of Your Hair With These Top Tips

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As appealing as the sun, sea, and sand sound, summer comes with a whole host of unwanted issues for our hair. Heat, humidity, and harmful UV rays, to name a few, can wreak havoc on our locks, which is why our hair routine needs some adjustment as we transition between seasons. Bid farewell to damaged, dehydrated strands and achieve your hair goals with these essential hair care tips that are bound to make your mane stronger, healthier, and, most importantly, summer-ready.

1. Conditioning Is Your Hair’s BFF
Conditioning is far more important than shampooing, especially in the summer months as all that heat can leave your hair begging for moisture. Conditioning provides a thin barrier from sun rays and reinforces hair strength, so my tip is to start applying quality leave-in conditioners to nourish and shield your hair during the day, as they tend to have heat-protectant properties. As for deep conditioning, treat your hair to an overnight intensive conditioning treatment a couple of times a week, paying special attention to your ends. This gives the conditioner time to penetrate and lock in as much moisture as possible to keep your hair shiny, nourished, and protected under the summer sun.

2.Cover-Up In Style
There are lots of chic headscarves and trendy caps to parade around in this summer when the sun is just too cruel for your hair to handle. Color-treated hair, in particular, falls victim to damage caused by direct sunlight, so it’s worth protecting it with a wide-brimmed hat, stylish cap, or glamorous silk headscarf that you can pair with your pending summer 2021 outfits.

3.Wash Wisely
Though it’s tempting to wash our hair daily after being out in the sun, doing so every day can actually do more harm than good as it strips away your hair’s essential oils that it desperately needs in the summer. For that reason, it’s best to alternate your hair wash days and reach for a dry shampoo to fight grease in between washes, so you avoid stripping your locks dry. Make sure to wash and rinse your hair in cold or lukewarm water, rather than scorching hot water (which I was previously guilty of), to seal hair cuticles and prevent excess dirt and grime particles from trespassing. 

4.Lay Off The Heat
There’s enough heat outside as it is, so don’t make the mistake of piling on more heat from styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers. Give your strands regular heat styling breaks, opt for air-drying and embrace your hair’s natural texture. Summer is all about being relaxed and carefree, so save the tools for special occasions and keep your hair moisturized daily by limiting the heat stress you put on your hair. Though hair is extra sensitive to heat styling, there are still countless ways to create loose styles that look pretty, feel comfortable, and are kind to your hair. 

5.Trim To Maintain The Mane 
Hair maintenance doesn’t only mean applying hair masks and leave-in conditioners, it also means getting regular trims. Cutting off all the dry, miserable ends that have been weighing your hair down can be such a therapeutic experience. Trimming regularly helps you manage your hair better and even makes it grow faster, so aim to get a trim every six weeks to prevent infuriating tangles and major breakage.

Lara Elcheik
Lara Elcheik

Lara Elcheik is a freelance writer covering all things beauty and lifestyle. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kent and is currently based between London and Abu Dhabi.

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