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Beijing Winter Olympics Rich List Revealed – Top 7 Highest Earning Athletes

On February 20th, The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics officially came to a close. 109 events completed, almost 3,000 Olympians competing for medals, across 15 snow or ice based disciplines. 

Success comes in all shapes and forms — from winning that all-important Olympic gold medal to earning a pretty penny. But for some world-class athletes, these things come hand in hand.

While athletes aren’t paid for competing in the Olympic games, many are raking in the cash through lucrative sponsorship deals and endorsements. 

So, who wins the gold medal for the most endorsement deals? Betway has delved into the figures to reveal the top seven highest-earning athletes from this year’s Winter Olympic games. Who is breaking records on and off the slopes?

  1. Shaun White

Estimated earnings – £7,337,150 ($10 million) per year 
Net worth – £47,691,475 ($65 million)
Instagram followers – 2.1M

Unsurprisingly topping the list is snowboarding legend Shaun White. White is reportedly “the world’s richest snowboarder”, with a net worth of a whopping £47,691,475. White earns an estimated £7,337,150 a year from lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals. 

White earned the iconic nickname “the Flying Tomato” thanks to his thick mop of red hair, although he now rocks a more business-like look. He may be leaving the 2022 Winter Olympics medal-less, but White’s had a very impressive career being a five-time Olympian with three gold medals to his name.

  1. Jamie Anderson

Estimated earnings – n/a
Net worth – £2,934,860 ($4 million)
Instagram following – 533k

Jamie Anderson is one of the most recognisable figures in snowboarding. With a net worth of £2,934,860, Anderson is one of the highest-earning Olympians.

During her career, she has won 25 medals in total from previous Winter Olympics, Winter X games and World Championships, including 10 gold, and was the first-ever women’s Olympic slopestyle gold medallist. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Anderson fell short of making history by narrowly missing out on any medals.

  1. Mikaela Shiffrin

Estimated earnings – £366,857 ($500,000) per year 
Net worth – £2,201,145 ($3 Million)
Instagram following – 1.1M

Global sporting sensation Mikaela Shiffrin is an alpine skier who has made it to the Olympics on a number of occasions. Shiffrin is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time Overall World Cup champion — and with a net worth of  £2,201,145, she is one of the most successful alpine ski racers.

Shiffrin, unfortunately, missed out on a podium finish at this year’s Winter Olympics. 

  1. Eileen Gu 

Estimated earnings – £30,819,810 ($42 million) since the start of 2021
Net worth – £1,467,610 ($2 million)
Instagram following – 1.2M

Eileen Gu is an 18 year old American born Freestyle Skier who represents China in all international games. Her decision to compete for China resulted in massive endorsement and sponsorship deals, resulting in an impressive net worth of £1,467,610.  

Gu is now the face of at least 23 brands in China, and globally works with Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. Her popularity has soared since winning gold at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

  1. Lindsey Jacobellis

Estimated earnings – £23,481 ($32,000) per year 
Net worth – £​​734,098 ($1 million)
Instagram following – 324k

Lindsey Jacobellis has earned a respectable fortune from her successful, long-term snowboarding career through commercials, sponsored partnerships, and brand endorsements — landing her a net worth of £​​734,098.

Jacobellis triumphed at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, winning gold in mixed team snowboard cross, 16 years after missing out on gold at the Turin 2006 games after crashing on the penultimate jump on the boarder-cross course. 

  1. Red Gerard

Estimated earnings – n/a
Net worth – £734,425 ($1 million)
Instagram following -270k

Snowboarder Red Gerard was 17 years old when he gained worldwide attention with his gold medal performance at the 2018 Olympic games. He didn’t strike gold at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, but continues to break records on the slopes and has raked in an impressive net worth of £734,425.

  1. Chloe Kim

Estimated earnings – £2,202,295 to £4,404,591 ($3 to $6 million) per year
Net worth – £293,639 ($400k)
Instagram following – 903k

Chloe Kim is an American snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist, bagging her second gold at this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics for the Women’s Halfpipe.

Outside of winning medals, Kim has had some impressive endorsement deals throughout the years, including sponsorships with brands like Toyota, Monster Energy and Target, and a notable net worth of over £293k.


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