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“Being Mary Jane” and “Nurse Jackie” series to land this February 8th on Paramount+

Paramount+, the digital subscription video streaming service from ViacomCBS that features a mountain of premium entertainment for audiences of all ages, is excited to launch the series ‘BEING MARY JANE’ and ‘NURSE JACKIE’ within the region exclusively available at the OSN Streaming app. Both series, known for its light laughs and dramatic twists are sure to keep viewers entertained throughout the season beginning on February 8th.


‘BEING MARY JANE’, the scripted drama drawing on influences from the hit movie and its namesake, focuses on the life of successful cable news anchor, Mary Jane Paul (played by Gabrielle Union) who seems to have it all – intelligence, drive, a beautiful home, a fancy sports car, and a lavish closet of designer shoes. Her American Dream, however, is missing one thing: a family of her own. Throughout the series, audiences get to know Mary Jane more intimately as they watch her life progress. As viewers follow her journey, the series will peel back the layers that reveal who she truly is and the people that help define her – her family, colleagues, friends, and lovers.


In the series launch titled “Storm Advisory,” Mary Jane is faced with difficult decisions both in her private life and her professional life. Two of her past lovers, Andre (Omari Hardwick) and David (Stephen Bishop) battle for her attention, leaving her to wonder if either choice is the right one. Meanwhile, at Mary Jane’s cable network, changes are afoot after an anchor is unceremoniously fired, leaving Mary Jane, Kara (Lisa Vidal) and Mark (Aaron Spears) all fearing the loss of their jobs. Moral dilemmas ignite as Mary Jane is left to wonder – should she compromise her credibility to save her network?


In this romantic, drama series, Union is accompanied by veteran actors Richard Roundtree and Margaret Avery and a stellar cast that includes Omari Hardwick, Lisa Vidal, Richard Brooks, Raven Goodwin, B.J. Britt, Aaron Spears, Latarsha Rose, Robinne Lee and Stephen Bishop.

Edie Falco, best known for her role on the hit series, The Sopranos, plays the lead role of emergency room ‘NURSE JACKIE’ Peyton, a strong-willed and brilliant but flawed nurse in a New York City hospital, Nurse Jackie does everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible while navigating the waters of a crumbling health-care system. 

A lapsed catholic with an occasional weakness for painkillers to keep her going, Jackie maintains the balance at the hospital with her own kind of justice, often bending the rules to keep things running smoothly. Join Nurse Jackie on her everyday adventures within the hospital as she juggles patients, doctors, fellow nurses, and her own indiscretions.


In this dramatic series, Falco is supported by a cast of super talented actors including Merritt Wever, Haaz Sleiman, Paul Schulza, Anna Deavere Smith, Dominic Fumusa, Ruby Jerins, Daisy Tahan and Stephan Wallem.

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