Best Friends & Dynamic Hip-Hop duo Flyana Boss on New Music, Artistic Vision and More

After meeting at a music school in Los Angeles, California, Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede—two gifted MCs and multi-instrumentalists—joined forces. The dynamic team known as Flyana Boss was created as a result of their musical collaboration and comes from Detroit, Michigan, and Dallas, Texas, respectively. Bobbi and Folayan exhibit the spirit of flyness and bossiness in their music because to their mutual enthusiasm for writing catchy hip-hop hits.


How did you both meet and decide to form a hip-hop duo together? 
We met in music school, and after being casual friends for a few years and becoming fans of each other’s music, we decided to join forces and start Flyana Boss.

Can you describe your creative process when it comes to writing and producing music together? 
We love creating together, we love to make each other laugh without witty bars, sometimes we start ideas alone and finish them together, somethings we start and finish songs together on the same day it just depends, we’re really lucky to have our producer Marky Style he understands us and pushes us to our best.

What kind of messages or themes do you try to convey through your music, and how do you hope your audience will be impacted by your lyrics?  
We want our listeners to feel empowered to be themselves, that everything that’s unique about you makes you special, that you can be a bad bitch with small boobs and a tiny ass, it’s a mindset we all can be, Fly and Boss!!


How do you balance your artistic vision with the demands of social media and building a following online?
 Honestly it’s one of the most challenging parts of our career, we love making music and performing more than anything, we’re both creatives at heart with a clear artistic visions, social media is a necessity in the modern world as an artist, and we want to keep a standard to our artistry but with social media you have to be consistent and pump out a lot of content, so it’s hard to find balance without getting burn out, but we’re doing our best!

Can you discuss any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to?  
Yes, we have a lot more music coming!! So stay tuned!!

How do you navigate the challenges of being both friends and business partners, and what strategies do you use to maintain a healthy working relationship?
We don’t put one above the other, our friendship is just as important to us as our working relationship, we lead with love, honesty, trust and support! 

In what ways do you hope to use your platform and influence to promote positive change in the world? 
We want to bring joy to people, we want them to enjoy life a little more because of our expression, we hope to influence people to seek and believe in true friendship, and believe in and love themselves, as well!


Can you share any advice for aspiring musicians or creatives who are just starting out in their careers?
Keep going!! Find collaborators that believe in you!! Put your art out!! 

Tell us about Vitamin FB.
It’s 2 songs, Hot Tea and Fondue. We love them both a lot, we tend to lead towards food references in general, we’re both foodies, so this is your daily dose of that!


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