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BLACKPINK’s Rosé Just Released Her Debut Solo Song & Here’s Why It’s All in English


As a member of one of K-pop’s most successful girl groups, some fans were surprised to learn that BLACKPINK’s Rosé‘s “On the Ground” lyrics were all in English after the idol released her debut solo song on Friday, March 12.

“On the Ground” is the title track from Rosé’s single album, -R-, which also includes, “Gone,” the solo song that she performed at BLACKPINK’s virtual concert, “The Show,” in January 2021. Rosé co-wrote “On the Ground” with songwriters Amy Allen, Joe Bellion, Jorgen Odegard, Raul Cubina and TEDDY, a frequent collaborator of BLACKPINK’s who’s written several of the band’s hits, including “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” “Kill This Love” and “How You Like That.” “On the Ground” was produced by Bellion, Odegard, Teddy, ojivolta and 24.

“The reason I feel inclined to it, is because of how much it matches my life one-dimensionally. From when I was a trainee, I lived day to day, running towards by dreams,” she said. “Once in awhile, there are moments where I’d question my motives, and I think the lyrics express this really well. I think this is something to learn from as well.”

Rosé also explained during the press conference why “Gone” and “On the Ground” are all in English. According to Koreaboo, the idol shared that every song has a language that suits it the most. In the end, she felt that English fit “Gone” and “On the Ground” the best. Makes sense.

The release of -R- comes two years after Rosé’s fellow BLACKPINK member, Jennie, also debuted her first solo song, “Solo,” in 2018. YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s management company, announced in May 2020 that BLACKPINK’s other two members, Lisa and Jisoo, also have solo songs in the works. “Lisa’s amazing solo single is already prepared for release, and we are currently preparing for Jisoo’s solo single release as well,” YG Entertainment said in a statement at the time. Jisoo is also set to star in the Korean TV show, Snowdrop.

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