Body Language Expert Reveals 5 Sneaky Signs Your Partner Is Having A Work Affair

Late nights at the office, long work trips,  boozy office parties – roughly 85% of affairs begin in the workplace, with one in five employees confessing to being unfaithful with a colleague. The allure of the forbidden fruit can be fairly tempting, especially in an environment where professionalism and boundaries are expected to be upheld  – and many can’t help but take a bite.


However, could certain professions be more prone to infidelity?


The experts at RANT Casino have surveyed 3,800 individuals across the UK to ultimately reveal the industries serving as hotbeds for workplace affairs where infidelity thrives. For those with doubts, the experts further partnered up with celebrity psychic and body language expertInbaal Honigman, to unveil the telltale signs your partner is having a work affair.

1 They can’t make eye contact with you

If your partner is cheating, they won’t be able to maintain prolonged eye contact with you as a result of them trying to conceal any telltale facial expressions. Watch for quick glances that break away when you try to lock eyes with them. If you suspect infidelity, try to  initiate conversations about work and pay attention as their gaze may dart from side to side while they attempt to keep their lies aligned.

2. They go into defensive mode when talking about work


A partner with nothing to hide will typically exhibit open, neutral gestures with arms and hands hanging naturally by their side when talking about work. But if someone is being untruthful, they may display closed-off body language such as clenched fists, crossed arms, or covering their mouth or face with their hands, which makes them feel protected as they try to hide what they’re saying.

3. There will be tension on the shoulders

Cheating at work can lead to heightened stress levels, and this tension often manifests in the shoulders, causing them to appear raised and rigid. This defensive posture may be a physical indication of their internal turmoil.

4. They are constantly scrambling to keep their phones close at hand

A cheating partner may be worried that their phone will be found and reveal something about their affair. A calm, neutral person would stand and talk without much movement, while a nervous person fidgets. Look for signs like hopping from one foot to the next, tapping their toes, and always searching for their phone – tapping their pocket or looking for it with their nervous eyes. Restlessness could signify trouble.

5. They tend to walk at a much faster pace

Strolling down the road with a cheating partner can be a rollercoaster ride. They may be overly concerned about being discovered, leading them to walk at a faster pace, which may feel hurried and anxious. If you’re holding hands, you may notice sweaty palms. They might also be constantly scanning their surroundings – a sign of their nervousness and fear of being seen by someone at work or their work fling.

Top industries for workplace affairs revealed

RankIndustryNo. of affairsProportion [of those who have confessed to infidelity] RankIndustryNo. of affairsProportion [of those who have confessed to infidelity]
1Sales23914.5% 14Social care311.9%
2Teacher, training, and education22613.7% 15Energy and utilities271.6%
3Healthcare20512.5% 16Retail231.4%
4Transport and logistics1619.8% 17Public services and administration221.3%
5Hospitality and events management1267.7% 18Marketing, advertising and PR140.9%
6Engineering and manufacturing1096.6% 19Environment and agriculture100.6%
7Property and construction905.5% 20=Law/Legal90.5%
8Accountancy, banking and finance885.4% 20=Media and internet90.5%
9Information technology764.6% 22Creative arts and design70.4%
10Armed Forces654.0% 23Law enforcement and security30.2%
11Recruitment and HR362.2% 24=Business, consulting and management20.1%
12=Charity and voluntary work321.9% 24=Science and pharmaceuticals20.1%
12=Leisure, sport and tourism321.9%     

Out of the sample size, 1,644 individuals have confessed to infidelity. For the complete survey findings, click here.


RANT Casino’s survey can reveal that people who work in sales stacked up as the top cheaters with a striking 14.5% (239 individuals) admitting to having workplace affairs out of the 1,644 respondents who have confessed to infidelity. Often with irregular working hours and numerous work functions or networking events to attend, this places the industry at the forefront as a prime breeding ground for infidelity.

Following closely with 13.7% (226 respondents) guilty of cheating on their significant other, the second most common cheaters are in education – professors, teachers and lecturers. A surprising profession to land among the top three, intelligence is indeed sexy, and you never know what sort of extracurricular activity your teacher spouse is involved in, being named among the naughtiest of professionals!

In third place are healthcare workers with a staggering 12.5% (205 respondents) owning up to having cheated with a colleague. Plagued by long and unpredictable hours, overnight emergency shifts, and paramount stress, health professionals may lead them to seek solace with someone who is in the same field and understands their daily struggles.

Transport and logistics ranks as the fourth most likely to engage in infidelity (9.8%), while hospitality and events management in fifth accounts for 126 cases of infidelity (7.7%). On the flip side, partners of those working in science and pharmaceuticalsbusiness management, and law enforcement can breathe a sigh of relief, with the three being the most faithful professions among all 25 industries analysed.


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