Call Your Manicurist—These Are the Only Nail Colors That Matter This Summer

I don’t know about you all, but a fresh manicure is enough to make my whole week. After over a year of forgoing manicure appointments, it probably has done a number on our post-pandemic glow-up. But never fear! Whether chilling at home with your favorite tunes or in a salon with the right health provisions, we’ve got you covered with this summer. So grab your sunscreen, cause here are the hottest color trends.


Pale yellow


There’s a reason this vibrant hue was this year’s Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year!” This lively tint has taken over the spring runways and we can see exactly why. It’s a reflection of optimism, warmth, and a summer day drenched with the lazy heat caressing us. Slow days with the sun kissing your fingertips sounds too tempting for us not to try this beautiful colour!

Political Pink


Originally considered masculine, throughout the decades, this fabulous colour went through a mind-numbingly misogynistic trial by the media. Pink was depicted as ‘girly’, thus fitting for ‘weakness.’ However, throughout the years, we’ve seen its reclamation in contemporary feminist movements as a symbol for the marginalized. It even held the forefront in the United States Women’s March in 2017. We can now confidently say,
few colours have seen political and social controversy as this rosy tint has.

So if you wanna ‘stick it to the man’ or you simply find this hue hypnotizingly beautiful (and we wouldn’t blame ya!) One thing is for sure; Pink is here to stay!

Lime Green

PHOTO: Amani Nail Studio

Whether this colour reminds you of a fuzzy tennis ball on a sunny afternoon. Or of your grandmother’s tattered yet distinct couch that cures your homesickness. Or if it even reminds you of that one insanely-good green smoothie you had at one resort. All that’s certain is that this fruity tint is everywhere.

WARNING: This striking colour isn’t fit for the fainthearted, it demands
attention! However, it is your sole duty to be dramatic this summer. Come on, you’ve earned it.


PHOTO: @joelyoceannails

It’s the seasides that seem to glitter. It’s the colour of the sky at an eerily silent 5 AM whilst the rest of the world is asleep. Often symbolizing serenity and wisdom, it’s no shocker this magnificent colour is found in nature. Elegant in its simplicity, this bubbling hue is enough to leave a lingering statement without you uttering a single word! Call that power, am I right?



PHOTO: Chasing Daisies

You can never go wrong with a classic white on your fingertips! Think of it as your little black dress’s partner in crime. She’s always got your back and it’s guaranteed you’ll always look good. So if you wanna go for the chic yet subtly bold look, we suggest this timeless colour.

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