Carson Boatman On Movie “Runt”, New Single and Working with Cameron Boyce

The talented actor and singer Carson Boatman has quickly gained a reputation for delivering captivating tales. He has captivated audiences across film, television, and music, releasing songs such as “Name In Your Phone” or starring in Days of Our Lives.

I spoke with Carson today about his new single “Name In Your Phone” as well as his new movie “Runt” and working with Cameron Boyce.
Photo Credit- Photographer: Ben Duggan Stylist: Anna Schilling

What made you want to become an actor & musician?
I can remember from a young age always being obsessed with entertainers, as well as entertaining others. My grandma used to be a school teacher and a Sunday school teacher, so she had all kinds of different costumes and props around her house. My brother and I would dress up in them and then put on little shows for my family.

You give life to Hank in the movie RUNT; take us through the process of getting into character for this role. What made you audition for this role?
Getting into the character of Hank, for me, was basically just showing up to set, and making a choice to do every action and deliver every line with a bad attitude. I think at the time, the most attractive thing about RUNT was the incredible writing and storytelling of the script. Obviously a lot of the dynamic and meaning of RUNT has changed since Cameron‘s passing. It went from a good movie with a good script to the legacy piece of one of the most talented bright young stars of our generation.

In Runt, how challenging was it for you to take on the role of bully? How do you feel about this premise?
The standout difficulty of playing a bully for me was wrapping my head around the actions that I was taking towards other characters. The scene outside of Vic’s party was a difficult one for all of us, and the fact that Nicole Berger is such a talented actress made it even harder. Her reaction was so real and so piercing I just wanted to stop and cut the scene out of a movie all together. The takeaway is that playing a bully made me feel horrible, and I think there’s something to that. Many young people, and adults for that matter, who are bullying people probably don’t feel that great about themselves. Maybe that’s another problem we should tackle.


Are there any aspects of being an actor you enjoy the most or dislike the most?
The aspect I like most about being an actor is the excitement and constant change. There’s always the hope and the anticipation of the next role and wondering what it’s going to be, and knowing it could change everything. The aspect that I like the least is all the waiting around wondering IF that next role is ever going to come.

How does being on the TV series “Days of Our Lives” differ from your other past roles?
The biggest difference from Johnny Dimera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES compared to any other character I’ve ever played is definitely the longevity of the project. A lot of times if you’re doing a movie you’re filming the entire project in five weeks. On Days, you’re taking on a character and playing him for months and even years so you’re able to really sink in in a way that’s just not possible otherwise.

What was your audition like for Johnny DiMera on Day of Our Lives?
It was a bit of a different process. It was all done via self-tapes due to COVID-19 restrictions.


In order to prepare for a role, what steps do you take? For playing Johnny DiMera, did you do any research?
I try not to get too complicated about prepping for a roll. When I’m auditioning, I just try to make the character as unique and relatable as possible. If I book the audition, when I get the script, I read the whole thing, look at all the characters, and figure out how I can make my character a part of me, or how I can bring a part of me to my character rather.

Your new single “Name on Your Phone”- was released recently, can you share the thought process behind this song? And how is the response from the audience?
Name in Your Phone is a song I wrote several years ago with some really good friends of mine. The thought process wasn’t anything too complex. We just wanted to make a fun song with fun lyrics and a catchy melody. I think we accomplished that. As far as the audience response, I haven’t seen any negative tweets or messages regarding the song, so I’m taking that as a good sign!

Who is your role model? And how do they inspire you?
I’m blessed to have many role models. I’ve been fortunate to come across an abundance of great friends and mentors in my life, and I’ve been able to take a little bit from each of them.

You got married recently, how is life after marriage?
Life after marriage is great. I lucked out and ended up with a smoking hot wife who is kind, loving, and incredibly patient (which I know I require a lot of). We’ve been together for almost 6 years, so I haven’t felt any dynamic shift or change in the relationship. It’s just now we have the added bonus of being married.

What are your thoughts about social media?
I despise social media, but I understand its importance as it pertains to the entertainment industry. For better or worse, your social following can really make or break your career when it comes to getting that big opportunity.


What is something you wish an artist/actor told you when you were first discovering your love for this industry?
I really believe I was fortunate early on to be surrounded by some good mentors, representation, friends, and coaches. They all told me what I needed to hear, and none of it was ever sugarcoated. I think the only thing they could’ve done to help me more than they already did is to tell me back then that I would be where I am today. But that’s not really possible. It takes a lot of faith in yourself, knowing what you’re capable of, and knowing what you want.


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