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Catch up on Fresh New Programming and Amazing Entertainment in September

Summer is almost over but the entertainment fiesta on STARZPLAY never stops! Thrilling new originals, cult cinema, jaw-dropping documentaries, new and exclusive content will be dropping this September on MENA region’s fastest growing subscription video on demand (SVOD) service. The month ahead offers an incredible line-up of exclusive programming available to watch anytime, anywhere and from any device. Here’s a look at the upcoming highlights:

STARZPLAY Original Series

Black Mafia Family, Season 1, streaming from September 27


BMF is inspired by the true story of two brothers who rose from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980’s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in the country. Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory’s charismatic leadership, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory’s business acumen and the fraternal partnership’s vision is beyond the drug trade and into the world of hip hop. Their unwavering belief in family loyalty would be the cornerstone of their partnership and the crux of their eventual estrangement. The show features cameos by Snoop Dogg and Eminem. A STARZPLAY original and exclusive to the platform, tune in and watch the story about love, family, and capitalism in the pursuit of the American dream. Watch the trailer here.

Karachi Division, streaming from September 21


Based on the underworld of Karachi, this series follows the story of the two adversaries dominating the city. They want nothing else but complete control over the entire city. The rivalry has no bounds, and they will fight to death to achieve the power they are after, even if it means bringing the whole city to a standstill and its people to their knees. Watch the trailer here.

New shows, New seasons and New Episodes

Billions, Season 5-Episode 9, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


In the second half of season five, the presence of powerful billionaire Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) sends ripples through Axe Capital and gives Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) a potential new weapon in his fight against Bobby Axelrod (Lewis).Watch the trailer here.

American Rust, Season 1, streaming from September 13


Based on Phillip Meyer’s debut novel of the same name, American Rust is a compelling family drama that explores the tattered American dream through the eyes of complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Daniels) in a Rust Belt town in southwest Pennsylvania. Watch the trailer here.

Doom Patrol, Season 3, streaming from September 24


Dorothy’s battle with the Candlemaker reaches its climax and the Doom Patrol suffers a tragic loss. In the aftermath, the team go their separate ways as they struggle with their identities when the arrival of Madame Rouge in a time machine sets them on a new path. For those who haven’t watched the action comedy adventure yet, Seasons 1 and 2 are available on STARZPLAY. Watch the trailer here.

Young Sheldon, Season 3, streaming from September 30


Season 3 opens with Mary concerned about Sheldon’s mental health, worried that he might end up in a mental hospital like Dr. Sturgis. With Dr. Sturgis out of the picture, Sheldon tries to find a new mentor in Dr. Linkletter who makes things awkward when he tries to win Connie (Annie Potts) over. Meanwhile, Georgie (Montana Jordan) tries to convince George to buy snow globes and resell them for profit, and then tries to impress a girl with his get-rich scheme, but without success. For those who haven’t watched the comedy series yet, Seasons 1 and 2 are available on STARZPLAY.  Watch the trailer here.

Sleepy Hollow, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


Ichabod Crane is resurrected and transported through time to unravel an ancient mystery. Subsequently, he goes on a mission to stop the murderous Headless Horseman, who has been revived alongside him. Watch the trailer here.

Dexter, Season 1-8, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


He’s smart. He’s lovable. He’s Dexter Morgan, America’s favourite serial killer, who spends his days solving crimes and nights committing them. Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall stars in the hit SHOWTIME Original Series. Watch the trailer here.

Movie Premiere this month

Altitude, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


Gretchen Blair is a headstrong FBI agent who goes rogue during a hostage negotiation and is sent packing to a desk job in Washington, D.C. As soon as her flight takes off, her seatmate offers her millions of dollars if she can get him off the plane alive. As his ex-partners stage a brutal hijacking, Gretchen finds herself in the fight of her life – choosing sides between two factions of a criminal gang while trying to keep the plane from going down. Watch the trailer here.

New movies on the platform

Infinite, streaming exclusively on STARZPLAY


Haunted by memories of places he’s never visited; a man joins forces with a group of reborn warriors to stop a madman from destroying the endless cycle of life and reincarnation. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson, Jason Mantzoukas, Rupert Friend, Toby Jones and Dylan O’Brien, the Sci-fi film will be premiering exclusively on STARZPLAY. Watch the trailer here.

The Bad Batch, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


Arlen is abandoned in a Texas wasteland that is fenced off from civilization. While trying to navigate the unforgiving landscape, Arlen is captured by a savage band of cannibals led by the mysterious Miami Man. With her life on the line, she makes her way to The Dream. Watch the trailer here.

Bridge of Spies, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

James B. Donovan defends an alleged KGB spy, Rudolf Abel, in the US court. He is eventually called upon to negotiate an exchange of Rudolf with a US pilot, Francis Powers, who was caught in the USSR. Watch the trailer here.

The Monuments Men, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

An unlikely World War II platoon is sent to Germany in order to rescue creative masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their legal owners. Watch the trailer here.

The Book Thief, streaming on September 16


Liesel lives with her foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann in Nazi Germany. She finds solace from the horrors around her by stealing books from the mayor’s house to learn new words.Watch the trailer here.

Braveheart, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

William Wallace, a Scottish rebel, along with his clan, sets out to battle King Edward I of England, who killed his bride a day after their marriage. Watch the trailer here.

A walk to remember, currently streaming on STARZPLAY


The story of two teens, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, who are thrown together after Landon gets into trouble and is made to do community service. Watch the trailer here.

Australia, streaming on September 22

Set in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order to protect her new property from a takeover plot. As the pair drive 2,000 head of cattle over unforgiving landscape, they experience the bombing of Darwin  by Japanese forces firsthand. Watch the trailer here.

Wreck it Ralph, streaming on September 16


A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives. Watch the trailer here.

Additionally, subscribers can also watch new content via STARZPLAY’s add-on channel discovery+. These include Celebrity IOU Joyride, Chris Watts: A Faking It Special, Killers of the Cosmos and No Responders Left Behind (Live on September 11th, 20 years after 9/11).

This month STARZPLAY will also be streaming new pre-school shows for its youngest subscribers. These include Snail Trail, Jump out of bed sleepy head, Watch and Learn and Name It. 

With thousands of hours of premium content including blockbuster movies,  exclusive TV showskids content and Arabic series, STARZPLAY is today the number one player in the MENA region. The service is available in 20 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan for fans to enjoy quality content anytime, anywhere and from any device.


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