Celebrity Trainer Andrea Leigh Rogers On Dancing, Passion And Working with Celebs

There is truly no such thing as a right or wrong way to experiment with fashion. Meet Andrea Rogers, the creator and founder of Xtend Barre! Andrea’s studio offers fitness classes with a unique barre method that combines pilates and dance. In addition to her international Barre brand Andrea specializes in private personal training for select celebrity clientele, and recently she has teamed up with OpenFit an online streaming app and launched virtual XTEND BARRE classes which allows clientele to stream workouts from anywhere, while enjoying challenging XTEND BARRE classes both live and also on demand at their convenience throughout the day.

How did the journey begin?
I began dancing at the age of 3 years old and haven’t stopped since. After dancing professionally and graduating from college I found myself in uncharted waters as I sought to navigate how to marry my passion for movement with another passion of mine, entrepreneurship. I initially became a Comprehensive Classical Pilates instructor which opened a pivotal door for me to  add eventually develop Xtend Barre.

When did you first realize that dancing was your passion?
Movement has been my passion since I was a young girl, I feel a fullness of energy and completeness of life when I am in the studio dancing and creating.  I created Xtend Barre to unite my passions of dance and Pilates, which resulted in the creation of one of the most effective workouts that is effective for bodies of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.


What makes fitness such an important aspect of your life?
Fitness for me is far more than finding a perkier derriere and flat abs. Although the aesthetic results you gain are certainly rewarding. , The physical and mental strength is where the true “win”, for me,  resides. I love that “high” I get after I finish a  workout;, and not just finish it but crush it. That feeling is filled with pride and overflowing of confidence, and it’s what keeps all of us coming back for more.

How did teaching Pilates lead to the creation of Xtend Barre?
Working as a comprehensive classical certified Pilates trainer, and in an effort to offer my clients variety, fun and increase fitness benefits, I created my own innovative fusion of core dance and Pilates fundamentals. The response from my clients was fast and fierce–they loved it, and they wanted more. My clients began to see incredible results and I was back in my element – moving, creating, dancing and dreaming. The XTEND brand grew organically. Women connected with the moves and felt compelled to share them in their local communities. The movement was born and spread contagiously across the globe. XTEND programming is available in franchised and licensed live studio classes in 12 countries and is lead by over 1,000 certified instructors.

Why do you think people feel intimidated when they go to a new studio or workout?
Walking into a gym or fitness studio as a newbie can be incredibly intimidating, even for someone like me who is well versed in the industry… you’re not quite sure what to expect, how hard the workout will be, what support you will receive, and if everyone will be welcoming. When I created Xtend Barre, I said I wanted to be the Midwest  barre brand (I grew up in Michigan where everyone said hello, made eye contact and smiled back)… I wanted our community to be welcoming to EVERYONE. I wanted every person who walked in our doors to feel supported, appreciated and excited to be a part of this brand. This is still our goal and whether you are working out with us in person or virtually, this is where you belong and we are so happy to have you as part of our XB family.


In your opinion, what sets Xtend Barre apart from all other barre classes?
First and foremost, our programming stands out among the rest. There is no other barre program that combines the grace of Pilates/Ballet and the creative athleticism of dance. The power pairing, results in a full body cardio and body-shaping event…and you will sweat! Furthermore, we are a true community united around supporting one another., we are not boutique fitness consumers at the barre studio doing basic ballet moves in repetition in order to check off our “fitness” event of the day…, We are a strong community of women, athletes, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts. We are a people group seeking a challenge, striving to reach a goal, while supporting and empowering one another every step of the way.

How do you balance family and work?
To be honest, I don’t always find that balance. Some days I feel like I am winning at work while struggling as a mom, and other days I feel like I’m crushing this ‘single mama’ thing while my emails pile up.

I lean on a good routine and schedule to help me stay organized and on top of my game. When I find myself overwhelmed with the ever growing “to-do” list I revisit my own advice I lend to people (daily) who feel overwhelmed, which is to “take one thing at a time”. This inevitably ignites a sense of productivity, which fuels my self-motivation, which creates more movement and forward action… It’s a good cycle and it all starts with letting go of the overwhelming thoughts and actually doing the first step of the work in front of you. Just committing daily to “pressing play” and then letting the rest fall into place.


How does your company implement work policies geared towards allowing employees to maintain work-life balance?
Xtend Barre has always been a “work from home” environment which lends itself to flexibility and increased productivity. There is no 9-5 clock running at our desks, we focus on collaboration, creativity, and connection as a team to push our agenda forward.

It feels like you have filled a void in the Barre trend that wasn’t being addressed. Where do you draw your inspiration?
Music is the foundation to my creativity. I put on some great music and the moves just come. It’s all fueled through the energy of music and the inspiration of our members who show up every day ready to move. I want to create a program that will provide incredible physical results but that will equally inspire and motivate them in other areas of their lives.


Do you feel like you have achieved your dream or do you think there is more to it?
I have ever growing/changing dreams and so many more things to accomplish. In many ways, I feel like I am just getting started…

What are you working towards right now?
I am currently working on a few personal projects that I am quite excited about, with my goal to further support individuals on their fitness journey.

What has been the most rewarding thing from Xtend Barre?
The most rewarding part of my gig is by far the member success stories. It goes far beyond a workout, these stories show how something as simple as moving your body can transform your entire life. I hold tightly on to these stories as they are my motivation and constant inspiration.

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