Clark Furlong On HBO’s ‘Euphoria’, & AppleTV’s ‘Lisey’s Story’ & More

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Clark Furlong is a fourteen-year-old talented actor who is known for his role in HBO’s series Euphoria as young Jules. Clark was able to portray his character as a trans-gendered young woman who struggles with mental health issues as a child. Clark’s performance touched the souls of so many queer individuals around the world. He also appeared in High Fidelity, The Prodigal Son, and The Rookie. Clark started to perform when he was ten years old as the main actor in the television pilot “The Letterboxes”.


Hello, Clark, and thanks for joining me today. You have done a great job in Euphoria, I loved the way you portrayed little Jules. How did you get your role? 
Thank you! It started as a regular self-tape audition. The script described 11-year-old Jules as wearing a nightgown and combat boots in those scenes, so when I did my tape, I dressed the part. Like most auditions, I heard nothing for three weeks. One Monday, boom out of nowhere I had a director call in two days in LA! We live in Virginia! It’s basically an unwritten rule that you wear for the callback whatever you wore for the original audition. All of a sudden I realized I had to wear the nightgown and combat boots not just in my own home studio in front of an iPhone, but in an actual LA casting office in front of the director and producers, and casting directors! Not to mention everyone in the lobby! I told myself if I could do this and act like it was totally normal, I could do anything. It sounds weird to say, but just this part of the audition alone prepared me for doing the real role!

You seem very emotional and mature on screen, how do you do it? 
Thank you. I wish I could say there was something I did or didn’t do, but I really don’t have a lot of control over that. The camera captures who you are. Sam decided that I matched what he needed for Jules’ childhood and he and the camera really took it from there.

How do you get motivation before shooting? 
Just being on set for me is motivation enough. It really is my happy place. I am all in when I’m on set. I want to do the most honest work I can right from the start. There is no other motivation needed- I just love doing it so much.


Could you tell us more about your upcoming role in Stephen King’s “LISEY’s STORY” film adaptation? 
Of course! My character appears in flashbacks that advance the supernatural elements of the plot as well as fill in backstory for Clive Owen’s character, Scott Landon. My character, Paul Landon, goes through an intense evolution from when you first see him to when you see him last. It was a huge challenge figuring out how to create the changes he goes through and make it really truthful. I had some very interesting scene partners as you’ll see when you watch the host! Some animate and some not so much!

How did you find working with Stephen King, Julianne Moore, and Clive Owen? 
I am honored to be associated with them at all! As my scenes were in a different timeline from Ms. Moore, I only met her once, but she was such a generous and lovely person I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again. I did get some face time with Stephen King, once in person on set, and the rest through the director Pablo Larrain. He would show Stephen footage called dailies after we finished shooting for the day and Stephen and he would discuss them If Stephen had any thoughts or comments for me, Pablo would tell me the next day on set. All I can really tell you about Stephen King is I hope you get to meet him, too! He is gracious and kind and clearly loves what he is doing. Meeting him was a huge life highlight!


How did you get your first ever role in “The Letterboxes”? 
After I finally twisted my mom’s arm hard enough and she agreed to let me audition for film and tv, she went onto an audition site and saw a call for a 9-year-old blonde-haired & blue-eyed boy and a 7-year-old blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl. This is a pretty rare call and my sister and I fit the bill exactly. The director wanted head-shots and demo reels – my sister and I had neither. So my mom messaged the director on social media, told her she had exactly what the director needed but we were just beginners and had none of the stuff required. The director agreed to see us so we learned a script in an hour, shot the scenes in our backyard, and the director hired us! It was a super fun job even though the show never got released.

Did you, by any chance, take acting lessons as a child? 
I did not. I took violin!

Is it true that you are a regular farm boy when not on set? 
That depends on how you define farm boy! We live on a 3.5-acre micro-farm and I did have chicken and donkey chores when I was smaller. We downsized our animals a lot when I started traveling for work. Now we have chicken and goats and yes our farm is still a real thing, just smaller. I can milk goats if I need to!


It seems like your family members are full of creativity and talent and I specifically heard about the Sibling Rivalry Fiddle Band, which is most probably your band? 
It is our band! My two brothers and sister and I all play fiddle and guitar and some other instruments together mostly at renaissances fairs and festivals. We performed at Appaloosa Festival too, which was great!

When did you think you were ready to become an actor and do it full-time during your teenage years? 
I decided to go into acting as a business when I was 10 after shooting The Letter Boxers. My mom is a professional actor so she knew how to get me started. It was really important to her that I understand that acting for fun was one thing and acting for work was something different. But every six months or so she’d be like Clark? How are you? Are you happy doing this or are you doing it? I’ve never wanted anything more than to keep going!

Who do you look up to in the film and music industry? 
Taylor Sheridan, I love his shows, Jerry Bruckheimer, I’d really like to work on one of his shows, Benedict Cumberbatch would be amazing to act with, I’d really love to play the younger brother or young version of Chris Hemsworth, and in Lisey’s Story, I’m in a show produced by J.J. Abrams who is also on my dream list! My favorite bands are Steep Canyon Rangers and Sabaton. Totally different, but I love them both!


When can we see “LISEY’s STORY” on-screen and are there any other premieres coming up in the near future? 
Lisey’s story is an 8 episode Limited Series and releases a new episode every Friday on Apple TV You can binge the released episodes up until now anytime! Next up for me is a mystery! My mom has a new YA paranormal adventure novel out called Hidden City and I’ve been helping her by being the Director of Photography on her book trailer shoots. You can see them on Youtube! Find out what’s next for me by following me on IG @iamclarkfurlong

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