Comfortable Luxury pair of heels to add to your shopping list

For anyone who has ever watched Sex and the City, you would know one thing for sure, Carrie Bradshaw’s scaling shoe fetish. For the six seasons, two movies, and recently, the reboot that came out, we’ve had many infamous quotes by Carrie, most of them related to shoes. One such famous quote by her was, “I’m very, very comfortable in heels. The higher the better.”


Well, higher or not, comfort does play a massive role in the long run, especially for people who don’t frequently wear heels and restrict them to special occasions, as well as avoid prolonged knee, back, and heel pain in the near future.

Here are our top picks of the most comfortable designer heels women are raving about right now.

Amina Muaddi Gilda Sandals

Kendall Jenner wears the Amina Muaddi Gilda sandal in holographic leather.Getty Images

The Romanian-Jordanian designer’s namesake brand has been a cult favorite with A-list celebrities and Pinterest girls ever since its launch in 2018. The flared block style, which is the brand’s signature style not only looks all fun and elegant but due to its broad nature is much more comfortable for longer wear. The Gilda Sandals are the perfect pair to have and style effortlessly due to their versatile nature.

Versace Medusa Aevitas


When you think of Versace, the first name that comes to mind is Dua Lipa wearing the now-infamous “It Girl” Versace Platform Heels to the 2022 Grammy Awards. Since first being showcased at its Autumn/Winter 21 show, the demand for the Medusa Aevitas style of heels, according to Online Luxury marketplace 1stdibs, has increased by 150 percent in the last year. A style heavily inspired by the 1970s, the current version is a lot chunkier, a lot more elevated in height, and adds oomph to any basic outfit.

As intimidating as these can look, they’re much more practical than stilettos due to the front (ball of the foot) being raised by 3 inches creating the Platform to support the 6-inch long heel.

The Row Constance Leather Slingback

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If high heels aren’t your thing but you still want something that lies between the Venn diagram of heels and flats, The Olsen sister duo brand’s Slingback kitten heels are your calling. The kitten heels at a mere height of 65mm with a curved-out structure at the heel add a fresher feel to give timelessness a new meaning. Definitely, a pair to own if minimalism as a style is your thing.

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