Coming-Of-Age Pop-Rock Artist Natalie Claro On New Single, Performing & Future Projects


You are in charge of all the creative procedures of producing your songs, does it ever get too taxing being in charge of the songwriting, producing, singing, and being the instrumentalist?
Yes, absolutely. It’s hard watching all these bands pump out new music every couple of weeks while I’m struggling to keep up. There are a million benefits to making stuff on your own (cause honestly trying to translate thoughts into words so you can explain your vision to a producer or studio engineer is time-consuming within itself), there’s just a h*ll of a lot of stress that comes with the one-man-band method.


What impact did the pandemic have on your musical journey?
It genuinely was the biggest reality check ever. I became so obsessed with predicting outcomes and trying to have every music-related success go exactly how I planned that I never learned to accept that we seriously do not have control over anything whatsoever. Prepare for the best but never let the worst strip you of hope, ya know? I remember googling everything from “when do scientists predict COVID will end” to “will the music industry recover?” in sheer panic and extreme. It took a couple of weeks before my opportunist mindset engaged and I began cranking out demos, saving every penny I earned and preparing myself for if the nonexistent vaccine would ever come to save us. So many people lost a loved one last year, myself included. Life has so much hardship and the most you can do is be grateful for the good things.

Do you have plans of making a music video for your single “When Alcohol Tastes Like Juice”? 
August 20th babyyyyyyyy!!! 🙂


Following up on the previous question, if you do, what would the concept of the video be?I wanted the guitar solo to represent sort of the “angel and devil” on your shoulders fighting between instant gratification and long-term fulfillment, with two guitars dueting back and forth. That’s why in this video I have my all silver dress and white Hollowbody fighting for screen time with my dark red jumpsuit and cherry Ibanez.

You have performed at several stages, how would you describe your experience of performing live?
Unworldly, it’s such a high that I literally couldn’t possibly achieve with anything else. I’ve been asked at times how I don’t get stage fright- and it’s years of channeling that “flight” adrenaline into the “fight” one. I truly believe anyone is capable of it if they exert themselves in that way!


You have toured with several talented artists like yourself, what would you say is your favorite thing about touring?
Something about coming home in physical pain from so much stress being placed on your body with equally as much sleep deprivation is more rewarding than it sounds. I would assume it’s similar to when a triathlon runner collapses after their race but with a huge smile. (Emphasis on the word assume because I have never and will never be that athletic.)

Do you have any musical inspirations that have a big impact on the the music you make?
I definitely get a lot of my theatrics due to how much Queen I listened to when I was younger. Other than that, seeing Paramore live when I was 14 was enough to spark my desire to perform.

Which stage, out of all the ones you’ve performed on, would you say is your favorite?
Hollister’s High School Nation was just one of the best experiences in my life. A giant festival tour on the football field of high schools across the country… genius. I’ve never seen so much excitement from a crowd and they were all so cute.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Hanging out with my boyfriend and painting. I don’t really have much free time though. So sometimes we just kind of sit in the same room working on stuff.


Do you have an album on the way anytime soon?
No honestly, I’ve been advised to stick to singles for a while due to the new era of streaming songs. Eventually though!!

Are you working on any new exciting projects?
I have a few new songs in the works. That and possibly bleaching my hair again.

What piece of advice would you offer to an artist who has just started making music?
Working hard can be agonizing and stressful but persistence is always key. Also, art is subjective, if you’re worried your work isn’t good enough I promise you it is because you made it.

 Rabiatu Mohammed
Rabiatu Mohammed

is 21 years old and is currently in her 1st year of studying International Business at Middlesex University Dubai. She is goal-driven and enjoys going out as well as exploring new things.


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