Cooper Phillip On Moving to NY at Just Seventeen, 15 million Streams & Social Media

Russian born, Los Angeles based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip succeeds in capturing the undivided attention of listeners across the globe. With her intense drive, soaring vocals and passionate songwriting, Phillip is elevating herself to the top of her genre. 


Phillip’s music features an underlying theme of strength, grace and empowerment. “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more than they think they can”, she admits. Using true life stories, hardships and experiences, the songwriter emits authenticity and courage throughout her music. 

Cooper Phillip has seen success with her previous single garnering over 10 million listens online. She has also developed an impressive and loyal fanbase, particularly on social media and has performed at some of Los Angeles most prestigious venues.

You’ve established yourself as a talented artist on multiple streaming platforms, what inspired you to become an artist?
I’m very inspired by artists with strong characters and powerful stories. As an artist myself I want to inspire my listeners with the depth and quality of my music.


Since you hail from a family of musicians, music literally runs through your veins. Did this play a huge factor when it came to becoming an artist?
I think so. I was the language I already knew.Music felt so natural and easy for me. I started playing piano at 5, harp at 7 and singing came at 10. When I stared singing I felt a really deep passion for it and wanted her better every single day .


You’ve released critically acclaimed tracks through out your career, does music play an important role in helping you better express yourself ?
Yes. Absolutely. It’s my best instrument of self expression. It allows me to challenge myself, learn myself and recreate myself.


Your tracks have inspired listeners to be more courageous and bold, how does it feel to inspire people through music?
It feels amazing. There’s no way out. You built such high standards and have such high expectations of yourself. I’m trying to be an example for my listeners of a true story, of a strong passion and sincerity.

Moving to New York city at the age of 17 without financial support takes alot of courage and willpower, what helped you get through the adversities that you had to face at the time?
I had a very big dream. I believe that luck comes to you in the right time. Timing is everything in life. Also I felt back then that I have nothing to lose. And looking back I didn’t wanna have anything to regret about.

As a child, you and your mother toured throughout Russia performing shows, how did you cope with such a fast paced life at such a young age?
I loved being part of the symphonic orchestra. It’s a magical world of sounds and stories. I feel really blessed to be born and raised in this environment. It gave me a lot of knowledge about music. 


How has the hardships and experiences that you’ve faced in life reflect on your music to inspire listeners?
I believe it made me a better person. I believe that you can only win and taste the victory only when you failed enough. Nothing should come easy in life. 

Apart from being an artist you’ve established yourself as an influencer as well, how does social media help you better connect with your fans?
I love fashion and taking pictures. I believe people can remember me better when I have a certain artistic look. So being an influencer helped a lot. I also love to talk about brands and products that I use and love.

How has the emergence of streaming  platforms help you when it comes to reaching a wide range of audiences?
I think 10 years ago it was harder to do anything without a label support. Right now anyone can put out music so it brought larger competition, but I believe if the quality of my music stands out it will half a bright future


You have garnered over 10 million views in your previous single, tell us about how much It means to you as this is a testament to your loyal fans?
It means everything. It feels unreal. It makes me want to continue creating.

When you’re in the studio making music, what is the process that you use to create tracks?
When I hear harmonic chain I come up with dozens of melodies. Then I come up with a concept in the title. I think the title of the song is very important part. Only after the entire form of the song is written I start working on the style of production of the track.


Apart from music, do you have any other talents you’d like to share with us?
My second biggest passion in life is sharing my knowledge about singing. 2 years ago I started touring the world with my master classes, visited over 15 countries and taught more than 7000 singers. My students are the winners and participants of the voice of Russia, The Voice of Austria, the voice of Ukraine, The voice of Lithuania in many other TV singing competitions. I am very inspired to continue my path with teaching and help many vocalists to achieve singing FREEDOM.

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Ayush Menon

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The Interview was originally published in JAMO Magazine April Issue 2021

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