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Cristiano Ronaldo Rents Burj Khalifa’s Light Show For His Girlfriend

The former Real Madrid football player Cristiano Ronaldo has given what can be called the best gift a girlfriend could ask for – her own light show on the Burj Khalifa. Georgina Rodriguez. After being together for more than five years and raising four children together (plus the twins due in April), Ronaldo has given Georgina the ultimate, perfect birthday gift.


A now Manchester United player, Christiano Ronaldo, has given his girlfriend of 5 years Georgina Rodriguez the best birthday gift anyone could ask for. On Thursday 28th of January, Cristiano gifted “Geo” her own personal light show on the tallest building in the world in Dubai – Burj Khalifa. Spending most likely more than AED250,000 ($68,000) to put up the message for Georgina, portraying first her new show on Netflix which came out on the 27th of January called “I am Georgina”, and later on a message saying “Happy Birthday Geo” with her pictures.

However the birthday gift means way more to Georgina than some may think. Earlier in her life and way before she even met Cristiano, Georgina was very poor and had to work as a waitress early on in her life with a 5 hour commute. Going from almost nothing to being a very successful model, helping with charity, being an influencer, having a Netflix show about her, and now having her pictures all over Burj Khalifa, Georgina is what we can call a very successful woman who has progressed in her life much more than anyone ever could.


And as more may know, Cristiano’s story is similar to Georgina’s. Coming from a poor family and an alcoholic father, Ronaldo had a chance of not being born at all due to his mom wanting abortion from fear of not being able to support the whole family. However, as we can all now clearly see the situation has immensely changed and nowadays Cristiano is worth 1 billion dollars, and is the most popular and successful football player in the world.

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