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Dark Irish comedy Derry Girls is among the top 3 most offensive TV shows

British teen sitcom ‘Derry Girls’ has been crowned the third most offensive TV show, according to a new study by Preply

Taking into account shows from 2022, the team has studied scripts of varying genres to break down the shows that have the most offensive words in them per hour, based on the most recent Ofcom report on offensive language on TV. Here are the ones which make it into the top 5: 

Top Boy – 63 words per hour 

Euphoria – 51 words per hour 

Derry Girls – 41 words per hour 


Tiger King – 31 words per hour 


Sex Education – 29 words per hour 


When it comes to the categories of offensive words – from mild, moderate to strong – the graphics below show where each series ranks. 

43% of the shows we looked at had a large amount of ‘moderately’ offensive words included, while, thankfully, only 13% involved ones that Ofcom categorise as ‘strong’. ‘Top Boy’ characters used a startling 63 offensive words per hour in the scenes that we studied, while ‘Euphoria’ had a whopping 51

‘Derry Girls’, the drama-comedy based on what it was like to grow up in Ireland during political unrest in the 90s, had only 41, while ‘Tiger King’ had 31. These results were unexpected, as ‘Tiger King’ focuses on controversial zoo owner Joe Exotic, his nemesis Carol Baskin, a hair-pin plot involving hit-men and the FBI, all of which resulted in Exotic ending up in prison. 

Finally, ‘Sex Education’ had recorded 29 offensive words in the scenes we broke down, putting them at the bottom of the list. 

The team also broke down the data for the most romantic shows on TV, as well as the angriest and most friendly titles. 


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