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Dates to diapers: These are the most common love words heard on TV

From proposals and promenades, you cannot beat a bit of romantic telly. But when it comes to the love language used in TV shows, are there some words that are said more frequently than others? 

With this in mind, a new study by Preply uncovers the top 10 most loving words heard on TV – and unsurprisingly ‘love’ is crowned the first place with an average of 116 uses per hour. 

Taking into account some of the biggest shows from 2022, the team have studied scripts of varying genres to break down the frequency of word usage in each one. Ranking each word out of a usage score of 6,596, the averages were revealed… 

See how other words are stacked up below!

Love – 348 (116 per hour)


Please – 331 (110 per hour)


Thank – 282 (94 per hour)


Life – 206 (69 per hour) 


Feel – 184 (61 per hour)


Miss – 182 (61 per hour)


Last – 164 (55 per hour)


Listen – 147 (49 per hour)

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Understand – 135 (45 per hour)


Kind – 128 (43 per hour)


After researching how many loving, compassionate words were used in our favorite shows, it was revealed that they were most frequently used in ‘And Just Like That, ‘Bridgerton’, and ‘Sex Education’ – programs renowned for their romantic storylines. 

The word ‘love’ was used a total of 348 times out of 6,596 throughout the three shows, with ‘Bridgerton’ uttering the word 116 times in three hours. ‘And Just Like That’ had a very impressive 44 mentions, while ‘Sex Education’ included it 39 times. 

In the steamy period drama, ‘Bridgerton’ used the word 25 times, while ‘Peaky Blinders’ used it only 6 times. This research shines a light on the importance of plot and genre when it comes to the language that is chosen, as ‘Peaky Blinders’ is usually fraught with violence and fight scenes. 

‘Feel’ was used 184 times, while ‘listen’ was included a total of 147 times. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale and ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ had very few loving, caring words included in the scripts analyzed by this study, once again highlighting how this kind of language could take away from the dark atmosphere that these shows try to create. 


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