Detox your skin in four simple steps with Ixora’s holistic routine

Ixora is paving the way for clean beauty with their newly launched Organic Detox range. Harnessing the power of natural and certified organic ingredients, using a combination of modern science and results-driven formulations, Ixora is transforming the skincare routine to rid the use of harsh chemicals in just four simple steps. Whether you are a certified skincare aficionado or something of a newbie, Ixora is the go-to for luxury products rooted in nature. 


Start by using the Ixora Cleansing Gel (from AED 160) – free from harmful ingredients the nutrient-rich cleanser instantly creates a fresh glow while sweeping away make-up and build-up from the day. The three types of Ixora cleanser are customized for each skin type, leaving the skin feeling smooth while adding healthy ingredients to the deepest levels of the skin.

Next, restore and balance the skin’s pH levels with Ixora’s signature Face Toners (from AED 150) to lock in moisture and vitamins. Packed with powerful natural and organic ingredients, this step provides the skin with essential nutrition. During the toning phase, the Ixora toner closes pores and tightens cell gaps to prepare for exfoliation. 

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ product, the third step in The Organic Detox uses Ixora Rejuvenating Peeling Gel (AED 180), suitable for all skin types. Rejuvenate and restore with the unique peeling gel, a combination of essential oils and fine Himalayan salt gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving an even skin tone and texture. 

Complete The Organic Detox routine with Ixora’s Purifying & Balancing Clay Face Mask (AED 89). The pure green clay deeply penetrates into pores and removes impurities that cause the appearance of acne. The clay absorbs excess oils and balances sebum levels secreted by the skin. The green clay face mask is infused with tea tree and Eucalyptus essential oils due to their natural antibacterial properties. Aloe vera leaf extract works to soothe the skin and prevent inflammation.


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