Dubai Makeup Guru Vimi Joshi Directed The Makeup Looks At The Louis Vuitton 2023 Cruise Collection In Dubai

The makeup legend created 47 unique casual luxury chic looks!

Louis Vuitton put out a beautiful collection in Dubai on Thursday, 3rd November 2022 and while the show as a whole was a standout of the season, it’s the makeup looks in particular that has us mesmerized. 


Legendary Dubai-based makeup artist Vimi Joshi reminded us all, yet again, why she’s regarded as the master of her craft by putting together a series of spectacular nude casual luxury chic makeup looks. While the majority of the models in the show wore no-makeup makeup, a handful of them — the lucky ones, if you ask us — received Joshi’s artful treatment of color-blending, soulful gloss and natural-looking patterns in hues and shapes that sometimes coordinated or contrasted with the outfit they were wearing. No two versions were the same.

Can you tell us about the makeup look for tonight’s LV show?
The look for the Louis Vuitton show was all about having gorgeous dewy sun kissed skin that was natural and fresh. She had to look like she had been relaxing on the beach all day. The hair was tousled and wavy to give the impression of casual luxury chic. 

Which references shaped your creativity in this look?
The reference was the Louis Vuitton San Diego Spring Summer 2023 Cruise show.  The look was luxurious elegant modern chic. Spring/Summer makeup is more natural, dewy, glowing and fresh. We groomed the brows and added a little mascara with a touch of glossy nude lip gloss. 

How did you choose the products that you will be using for this show?
We were beyond honored to have Augustinus Bader and it truly is the most luxurious skincare brand in the world, to provide us with its incredible products backstage to create the most dewy luxurious skin. Skin prep is crucial for an influential show like Louis Vuitton. We started with The Cream Cleansing Gel to clean the skin. The serum to boost the skin’s hydration and the famous The Rich Cream to add moisture and to create the perfect base for the foundation. 

* ICONIC London was an instrumental part of creating the perfect makeup look. Their Underglow Blurring Primer created magic to ensure that the skin looked flawless. The Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint makes your skin look like the Paris filter on Instagram. Each girl was mattified with the Ultimate Bronzing Powder . The ultimate Ulluminator was used to highlight the skin. Touch of mascara and the lips were kept nude and natural with The Lip Plummping Gloss. 
* All the colors were individually adapted for the models own unique skin tone.


Which of these looks stand out to you and why?
They all looked incredible and beautiful in each and every way. The entire show was a magical experience from the venue to the styling to the music. It was divine and heavenly. 

Can you run through the color palette used in this show?
The color Pallette was nude. This meant 47 versions of nude as each girl had her own unique skin tone. Each girl was individually matched to her exact skin tone from head to toe. We spent so much time mixing and matching shades to ensure each and every girl looked the exact same colour on her body, neck and face. Color consistency is crucial. 

What new technique have you introduced in this show?
Most of the makeup on the show was done with our hands and fingers. Sanitizer of course! We massaged the skincare into the face delicately. Mixed the shades with our hands and warmed up the colours with our palms to ensure a silky even coverage that looked like skin. We even pressed and blended the foundation onto the skin using our hands and fingers. The finish was divine and flawless. 

How does Middle Eastern/Arab identity and representation come to play in your makeup creation for this show?
The Middle East and global beauty aesthetics have definitely pivoted more towards luxurious skin that looks hydrated, fresh and dewy.  Eyes are more natural and lips definitely more glossy.


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