Empowering Quirky Pop-Rock Artist Nadia Vaeh On New Single “Leap of Faith,” Living in Her Car & More

Multi-talented Nadia Vaeh is a singer, songwriter, and model who has always loved the performing arts. Nadia’s music is inspired by several genres and is majorly influenced by island sounds as a result of her stay in Netherland Antilles Island, Curaçao. She also gets inspiration for her music from her father’s homeland, Lebanon. Nadia has gone through some tough situations as well as positive ones and she pours all that into her music. Her single “Leap of Faith” sheds light on her mental health and personal struggles. She is a generous individual and gives back any chance she gets.

You have been involved with music your whole life, does the same go for your modeling as well?
So modeling was just something I did for a bit. I was never super passionate about it but I did enjoy the more artsy shoots as it was another chance to be expressive and get emotions out! 


At a point in your life, you were living in your car, could you describe what that experience was like? 
It was a very interesting time and I actually enjoyed how much it simplified my life for a bit. It was so eye-opening because you really see how little one needs to be happy. 

You are very giving and do so whenever you can, what is your main motivation to give back?
I am so lucky to have music as a tool to heal and express myself and I have a voice to speak on tough things that sometimes really need to be put to melody to be digestible. There are so many in this world with no voice, limited choices and no way to be heard. If I can use my music and my platform to help create shifts in how the collective operates towards critical causes then I can rest easy. Artists are meant to be the greatest shape-shifters of the times and I don’t take that job lightly. 

Do you have any plans of releasing an official music video for “Leap of Faith” anytime soon? 
I sure do! Just placing the finishing touches on this very homey little visual piece 

Are you currently working on any new projects?
Yes! I have a super fun 80s pop/rock vibe, spooky season single coming out in October called “Snake Lady”, and I am wrapping up finishing my first album set to drop early next year! SO EXCITED!!! 


If you could choose three colors to represent your personality, what would they be? 
Yellow, Purple & Red. 

Could you describe what the elements of the cover for your single, “Leap of Faith”, represent? 
The fish tank represents how limited I was living whereas the body of water behind me represents my potential. I wanted the cover to have a very dreamy feel since I’ve always been a dreamer at my core. 

You have a lot of fun posts on your social media feed, how much do you enjoy content creating?
I have fun with it. I try not to put too much pressure on myself to just pump out visuals and content for the hell of it and to keep the algorithm happy and try to keep it 100% real. That’s what keeps it fun and less daunting as it is a lot of work! 

You play the guitar, are you self-taught or did you learn from someone else?
I have been learning from my buddy Alan Rigoletto! He’s an amazing guitarist and artist. 

How would you describe your general aesthetic?
Edgy, glam vibes. Rocker meets old an Hollywood classic with a touch of street.

 Rabiatu Mohammed
Rabiatu Mohammed

is 21 years old and is currently in her 1st year of studying International Business at Middlesex University Dubai. She is goal-driven and enjoys going out as well as exploring new things.


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