Erin Reese’s Exclusive Interview She Talks Music , Tiktok & Quarantine

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Erin Reese is a singer and actress who starred in the hit Youtube series Brat’s Chicken Girls along with talented actors. Erin is determined to make this year her with her upcoming EP  “Hometown Heart” and with more songs to come. The month I called upErin Reese to discuss her upcoming EP “Hometown Heart”, how she has been growing and creating content often on TikTok, and things she learned while quarantining. 

FA: Tell us a bit about your music and what’s to come?
ER: My newest single “HomeTown Heart” will be released on all digital platforms on 2/21/21. There will be three more to follow after that release. My team at Circle 11 Entertainment has brought together the best writing & producing team. Jaime Floyd is Grammy-nominated with Kesha this year, that is her 2nd Grammy nomination, and wrote Kelly Clarkson’s brand new duet that just came out, also YNG1NCE pronounced ‘Young Once”, has written for Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers).

FA: What can the fans expect from your new music?
ER: This is the first time I have been involved in the writing process and I enjoyed it so much. My music is Country/Crossover, but we have begun to branch out writing Christian music. I would like to bring a new sound and respect to Christian music, I believe we need more positive lyrics to inspire listeners.

FA: What’s your favorite thing about your music?
ER: As I mentioned previously, this is the first time being a part of the writing process which I really enjoyed. I want my music to tell a story, to be relatable so having input is great. My other favorite is just being with my Circle 11 Team and being our goofy selves.

FA: During quarantine, what was a day at home like for you?
ER: Lots of virtual EVERYTHING! It was an adjustment like many but tried hard to stay connected to family and friends with video chats, zoom meetings. I continued to work on my acting and vocal training daily with coaching. Lots of zoom meetings and Tik Toking! I also think it’s the cleanest my room has ever been.

FA: Did you learn any new skills while quarantining?
ER: I did! Cooking. My mom and I did a lot of recipe experimenting. I documented a few on my socials. The TikTok food recipes were fun.

FA: Who did you quarantine with and how was that for You?
ER: Both of my parents. My sister is married and has her own home & family so it’s just me at home. We did some family TIk Toks to pass the time and movie nights. It was great just being home honestly. Last four years I spent most of my time in Los Angeles working and little time at home.

FA: Is there anything I missed out on that you would like to add?
I don’t think so. I am still living in Florida and working to entertain everyone while we deal with the “new normal.”

FA: And finally what’s your message for JAMO readers?
ER: Just be you. The person you see on social media in the REAL ME. I am shy at times, goofy, and really dislike drama. Don’t let anyone try to tell you to change to fit in, if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t for you. Stay safe xo

The Interview was originally published in JAMO Magazine February Issue 2021

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