Essentials Kit For Him

PHOTO: Diggn’It

Diggn’It, the natural beard care brand which landed its first big break when featured on Shark Tank and has recently launched its line of products in Faces MOE, has recently come out with its Gentlemen’s Essentials Kit, just in time for Eid for self-use and gifting opportunities!


Diggn’It’s latest kit, The Gentlemen’s Essentials Kit, is a blend of Middle Eastern exotic spices and essences and is equipped with all the necessary Arabian beard care products, perfect for those who care for a well-groomed, nourished beard this Eid. This Diggn’It Kit was developed to offer solutions for all the common beard issues, fully loaded with Arabian flair and all of the best-selling beard products in the line. The Gentleman’s Essentials will keep one looking, feeling, and smelling fantastic, whilst nourishing facial hair making it healthy and vibrant, keeping beards and mustaches picture with ideal tools, and a stylish waxed canvas toiletry bag to ensure sure nothing gets lost while letting you groom on the move. These stocked items include Diggn’It’s Arabian Beard Oil, Arabian Beard Balm, Arabian Mustache Wax, Arabian Beard & Face Bar, Beard & Mustache Scissors, Beard Softener, Bamboo Beard Brush, and finally, a Sandalwood Beard Comb. The retail price for each individual price is AED 825 however, when purchasing the Gentlemen’s Essentials Kit the retail price is AED 659


Diggn’It, a home-grown brand made in a traditional kitchen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has rapidly expanded since its inception in 2015 with an array of products, collections, and kits. Every kit is carefully curated to foster healthy hair growth and thickness, with the use of a mixture of natural oils such as castor, cactus, and sweet almond. In addition to using a mixture of natural oils, the proudly Arabian beard care brand offers classic Arabian scents that make the brand authentic, with traditional aromas like Misk, Oud, Rose, and Amber that not only have a fresh scent but also moisturizes the beard to help the skin feel healthy and fortified. 


Shoppers can now find Diggn’It products online on the Diggn’It website in addition to FACES, Mall of the Emirates & as the brand has been exclusively handpicked as one of the ‘Top Five Beauty Brands of 2020’ in Chalhoub’s Beauty Brand Incubator, a collaboration between The Greenhouse, Chalhoub’s creative hub for entrepreneurs and innovators, and The Beauty Makers, Chalhoub Group’s in-house experts in beauty brand creation and curation. 

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