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Summer’s here, and you know what that means! Lazy days at the beach, unlimited sunscreen, and a rosy hue on our cheeks. If you can’t quite get that sun-kissed tint, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our absolute favorite color for this summer; Coral.

This flirty, vibrant hue can be found in almost every makeup form. From blushes, creams, and shadows, we’ve put together our favorite coral tinted products for you to try this season. The best part? All these products are cruelty-free. Double score!



e.l.f. Monochromatic Multi-Stick Blush Glistening Peach 

Looking for that perfect afternoon cooldown glow but you just don’t have the time? You’re in luck. This sleek, compact dream-in a-container has got you covered for every mood and hour of the day!

The best thing about coral is that it looks good no matter what consistency you use. Luckily, this rule remains when it comes to lip products. Here we’ve picked two types of lip wear dressed in the deviously soft color that we’ve come to know and love. Pick your poison (or in this case, heaven!)



Kiko Cosmetics 3d Hydra Lipgloss
Softening lip gloss for a 3D look

It’s scientifically proven that you cannot wear gloss without subconsciously pouting anytime you’re under the sun. Okay. Maybe it hasn’t BEEN proven yet, but you’ve definitely done it. The good news? You get to do it again. Except for this time, you’re rocking the hottest color of the season and looking good AF doing it.

Lip tint

Kiko Cosmetics Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker

Looking for something that’s not quite high maintenance like lipstick, yet still provides a fair amount of pigment? We’ve got the holy grail for you! This consistency provides the right amount of moisture and opaqueness. So if your mouth is watering just looking at that, don’t worry. You’re not alone.


Colourpop coast to coral shadow palette

Ever wondered what summer looks like on your lids? You don’t have to wonder anymore so long as you’re rocking our favorite cruelty-free palette of the season! With an array of options, you could always opt for a sultry, matte look for a steamy night out or ‘pop off’ with its super pigmented glitter. Either way, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you add a dash of ‘Atoll’ on the inner corner of your eye to perfect that dewy goddess look!

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