Exclusive Interview With 9-year-Old Singer, Dancer, And Influencer Mandy Corrente

Meet Miami, Florida native Mandy Corrente, a sensational singer, dancer, and influencer. Mandy, who is only nine years old, has amassed over 280k fans on social media.


Mandy’s path to popularity began when she was just three years old and showed incredible skill and a love for performing. She had already recorded her first popular song by the time she was five, which launched her spectacular career in the entertainment business. Mandy stands out due to her contagious enthusiasm and extraordinary singing and dancing skills. Her fascinating performances, which display her amazing vocal range and superb dance skills, have enthralled audiences all over the world.

Mandy’s hit “Super Duper,” a compelling Latin-pop mashup that received a lot of acclaim and notoriety, is one of her most remarkable accomplishments. In fact, the song was chosen as the top choice on Sweety High’s prestigious Music Roundup in honor of the artist. Mandy Corrente has a bright future ahead of her, and she will no doubt continue to excite and amuse audiences with her extraordinary talent and persistent devotion to her trade.

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Can you tell us about your background and how you got into singing and dancing at such a young age?
My background is rooted in a deep love for music and dance. From a very young age, I was drawn to the rhythms and melodies that filled the air around me. My sister Valentina played a significant role in inspiring me to start dancing when I was just three years old. Seeing her move and express herself through dance ignited a spark within me. At the age of five, I recorded my first song, and that’s when I realized that singing was another powerful way for me to express myself creatively. Since then, my passion for music and dance has only grown stronger.

You have already achieved so much at just nine years old, including recording your first hit song at age five. How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals?
Staying motivated and focused on my goals can be challenging at times, but my love for what I do keeps me going. I have a deep passion for music and dance, and I genuinely enjoy every moment of the process, from creating songs to performing on stage. I also have an incredible support system of family, friends, and fans who inspire and motivate me every day. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of the impact I can make through my music, and that keeps me driven to continue pursuing my dreams.

Your single “Super Duper” was recently selected as #1 on Sweety High’s new Music Roundup. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song and how it came together?
“Super Duper” is all about embracing the moment, feeling the rhythm, and enjoying the freedom of dance. I’m thrilled that it has resonated with listeners and was chosen as the #1 song on Sweety High’s Music Roundup, as it validates the connection people have with its uplifting and dance-inducing vibe. The lyrics celebrate movement, self-expression, and embracing the joy of letting go on the dance floor.

You are also known as an influencer on social media, with a large following on Instagram. How do you balance your career as a performer with your presence on social media?
Balancing my career as a performer with my presence on social media can be challenging, but I’ve learned to find a healthy balance. Social media is a powerful platform that allows me to connect directly with my fans and share glimpses of my journey with them. I try to be intentional with my social media use, focusing on spreading positivity, inspiring others, and staying connected. At the same time, I prioritize my artistic growth, performances, and personal well-being. It’s about finding a balance that allows me to both engage with my fans and focus on my craft.

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    What has been your favorite performance or project so far, and why?
    It’s difficult to choose a favorite performance or project because each one holds a special place in my heart. However, if I had to pick one, it would be my performance at the Sketchers Pier to Pier Foundation in Los Angeles. It was an unforgettable experience to share my music with an enthusiastic audience and see the joy on their faces. The opportunity to perform on such a special occasion and make a positive impact on children’s lives was truly magical. It reminded me of the power that music must bring people together and spread happiness.

    Who are some musicians or dancers that you admire and look up to, and why?
    There are so many musicians and dancers that I admire and look up to. One of my biggest inspirations is Justin Bieber. His incredible talent, versatility as both a singer and dancer, and his ability to connect with his audience have always fascinated me. I also admire Shakira for her captivating performances, unique fusion of Latin and pop music, and her undeniable charisma on stage. Bruno Mars is another artist who inspires me with his infectious energy, incredible vocal range, and his dynamic dance moves. Usher’s smooth dance style and soulful vocals have been a significant influence on my own artistry. JLo’s stage presence, fierce choreography, and dedication to perfection inspire me to continually strive for greatness. Lastly, Britney Spears’ iconic performances, catchy pop hits, and her ability to captivate audiences have left a lasting impact on me. All these artists are true performers who excel in both singing and dancing, and I aspire to reach their level of talent and showmanship.


    Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or performances you have planned?
    I have some exciting upcoming projects and performances in the works. I’m currently working on my next single and I just released my song Expressions. I’m thrilled to collaborate with talented producers, songwriters, and musicians to create a body of work that reflects my growth as an artist. Additionally, I have upcoming performances scheduled at various events and venues, where I can connect directly with my fans and share my music live. I’m always looking forward to what the future holds.

      What has been the most challenging aspect of pursuing a career in music and dance at such a young age, and how have you overcome those challenges?
      One of the most challenging aspects of pursuing a career in music and dance at such a young age is managing the demands of both my education and my artistic endeavors. Juggling school responsibilities with rehearsals, performances, and recording sessions can be quite challenging. However, with the support of my family and a strong sense of discipline, I have learned to prioritize my commitments and manage my time effectively. Setting clear goals, maintaining a structured schedule, and seeking guidance from my mentors and teachers have been crucial in overcoming these challenges. Additionally, surrounding myself with a supportive team who understands the unique demands of being a young artist has been instrumental in navigating the obstacles along the way.


      What advice would you give to other young people who are interested in pursuing a career in music or dance?
      My advice to other young people who are interested in pursuing a career in music or dance is to believe in yourself and never stop honing your craft. Take every opportunity to learn and grow, whether it’s through formal training, workshops, or collaborations with other artists. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, teachers, and fellow artists who can guide and inspire you. Remember that perseverance, hard work, and a positive mindset are essential ingredients for success.

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        How do you balance your personal life with your career in the entertainment industry?
        Balancing my personal life with my career in the entertainment industry can be a challenge, but it’s important to prioritize self-care and maintain a sense of balance. I make sure to set aside quality time for my family and close friends, as their support is invaluable. I also strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking care of my physical and mental well-being through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest.

        What kind of impact do you hope to have on the music industry and the world through your work as a singer and dancer?
        I hope to have a positive impact on the music industry and the world. I aspire to create music and performances that inspire and uplift others, spreading messages of love, unity, and empowerment. I want to connect with people on a deep emotional level and bring joy to their lives through my art. Additionally, I hope to use my platform to advocate for important causes and make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Whether it’s through supporting charitable organizations, raising awareness for social issues, or being a role model for young people, I want to leave a positive mark and contribute to creating a better world through the power of music and dance.


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