Expert Stylists Reveal The Most Iconic Kardashian Hairstyles And How To Get Them

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet again by taking to Instagram to reveal her newest look – a chic blunt bob. But this isn’t the first time a Kardashian has set social media ablaze with a dramatic hair transformation.


The expert hair stylists at London hair salon Top One have revealed their definitive list of the most iconic Kardashian hairstyles, from Kylie’s famous blue ombre to Kendall’s glossy auburn, as well as their tips on how to achieve the style.

Kendall’s auburn – 65.3 million views

Via: Instagram @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner took over our feeds last year when she swapped her trademark brown hair for a sleek auburn look, and it was a moment. TikTok hashtags for ‘Kendall Jenner auburn hair gloss formula’ quickly racked up over 65 million views, with multiple videos of people trying to recreate the look. Autumn is the perfect time to try out auburn hair, with fiery coppers and rich chestnut hues making a comeback year after year. Top One added:

“We loved Kendall’s auburn hair, and how much it suited her olive skin tone. Auburn can take some maintaining as the red tones can fade quickly but some of the best things you can do to keep the colour are:

Avoid washing too frequently as this can cause the colour to fade quickly

Use sulphate free products as sulphate can encourage red tones to fade quickly 

Opt for colour safe shampoo and conditioners to help keep your colour vibrant.”

Kim K’s blunt bob – 59.2 million views

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Kim Kardashian is the reigning queen of hair reveals, and her ever changing styles never fail to impress. On TikTok #kimkardashianhair has nearly 60 million views (59.2 million). Last week was no different, as Kim took to Instagram to share her face-framing blunt bob. In true Kardashian form, Kim is bang on trend, as blunt bobs are one of 2023’s must have hairstyles.

Fancy trying it yourself? The experts at Top One share their top tips to keep a blunt bob looking sleek:

Although it is scary to take the plunge when chopping those locks, keeping a bob looking sleek is actually pretty easy. Hydration is a bob’s best friend, as it keeps the ends smooth and flyaways at bay, leaving your hair looking healthy. We also recommend getting regular trims to keep on top of any split ends, and maintain the blunt cut.

Khloe Kardashian’s long bob – 27.1 million views

Via: Instagram @khloekardashian

The Kardashian sisters are fans of a long bob (also known as the lob), with both Kim and Kylie sporting them over the years. Khloe is also known for wearing her hair in the same style after first debuting the look back in 2017. Last year, Khloe went for a lob again, this time choosing a slice style with blunt edges. Khloe’s lob is well loved with #khloekardashianlongbob reaching a whopping 27 million views on TikTok.

Top One adds – “Lobs strike the perfect balance between short and effortless, but still long enough to style. Khloe is a great example of the different styles you can explore with a lob. Keeping it straight and sleek is just one option. You can curl it, or even create soft beachy waves. It is a great style to choose if you want to go for a bob but are apprehensive of going super short, like Kim’s 90’s inspired blunt bob.”

Kylie Jenner’s blue ombre  – 4.5 million views

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Unless you were living under a rock, you’ll remember the iconic moment back in 2014 when Kylie Jenner emerged at the BMA’s with a blue ombre look. Kylie had previously sported a classic brown to blonde ombre, a top trending look at the time. The blue hair is still a fan favourite, with #kyliejennerbluehair raking in over 4 million views on TikTok, amazing considering TikTok didn’t exist during Kylie’s blue ombre era.


Top One reveal their top blue hair care advice:

“Keeping on top of blue shades is key as it can fade quickly into a green colour. Try to keep washing to a minimum, and especially avoid washing with anti-dandruff shampoos as these can fade hair colours fast. Instead opt for a purple shampoo (also known as blue shampoo) to help keep the vibrant hues.”

Blue hair colour is also notoriously difficult to remove. Top One recommend these tips for banishing blue tones:

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo: These contain zinc pyrithione (ZPT) which can naturally strip hair colour.
  • Toning shampoo and conditioners: Use shampoo and conditioner that contain a toner. Pink and red toners will neutralise greens and then pale orange toners to neutralise pale blue/silver.
  • Colour fading shampoos: Also referred to as clarifying shampoos, these can help to break down the colour molecules left in your hair.
  • Visit your hairdresser: Seeking a professional for a colour correction is the best way forward. As much as the above tips help to remove some of the blue pigment, they can also be very drying to the hair. Visiting a hairdresser is the best way to remove the blue whilst minimising damage to the hair.”

Kris Jenner’s pixie cut – 56,400 views

Via: Instagram @krisjenner

Our favourite momager, Kris Jenner, is best known for her trademark pixie cut, but in 2018 she took the leap and bleached it, taking the world by storm. The Kardashians are no strangers to bleached hair, with Kourtney opting for a bleach blonde bob earlier this year, and Kim sporting her fair share of bleach over the years. However, Kris’ more extreme makeover has our hearts to this day, with over 55,000 TikTok views for #blondekrisjenner.

Top One have this advice for bleaching your hair:

“Bleaching your hair is a big decision, and it can take a lot of work to get the colour you want. Unlike most, the Kardashians have their own glam team of hair professionals to help them achieve an icy white blonde. Always leave bleaching to the professionals and don’t attempt to do it yourself. Box bleach can damage the hair, even causing severe breakage which cannot be undone, so leave it to your hairdresser to get you to the perfect bleach blonde safely.”


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