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Trends Report: Summer/Spring 2021

After seeing those dull and dark winter colors, it’s time to brighten our spring season with fresh, youth, and garish shades. Radiant colors were noticed in Spring/ Summer 2021 runways in clothing, shoes, and bags from the shiny sparkling silver to pretty girly pink; this spring season will be happy and bright. Below are some of the vivid colors that you might want to start wearing this year:

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Striking Silver

This season, Balenciaga, Burberry, Paco Rabanne, and other designers launched these shiny metallic silhouettes to the runway, adding a party glam vibes to this spring.

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Marigold Yellow

Fruity springy colors were a hit from Spring/Summer 2021 runways of Marques’Almeida, Miu Miu, and Alberta Ferretti. This hue brought warmness and brightness to spring and gives the joy to dress up. That illuminating shade of yellow can jazz up any fit at any time of the day whether a top, bottom, or dress, and certainly can work up for summer.

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Tangerine Orange

This tangerine hue has been around for few seasons but this year it turned up strikingly, whether worn in a bold outerwear choice or luxurious piece, the the main focus was on ruffled dresses in Spring/ Summer 21 collections. This shade will be a go-to for many outfits.

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Sky Blue

Wanted a peaceful, calm, fresh color to wear this spring? Well, sky blue shade must be your color of choice. This season, designers such as Boss, Fendi, and Salvatore Ferragamo launched streetwear pieces in this hue bringing us spruce and joyful outfits inspired by the clearness of the sky on a spring day. Blue blazers, loose pants, and dresses should be your pick for the spring pairing it with a pop of color bag or shoes.

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Shades of Green

The most spotted color in this season was green. Various shades of green were marked in runways ranging from mint, emerald, seafoam, pistachio, lime, and neon. It will be the fashion color trend of this season, so make sure of having this shade in your wardrobe.

Hot Pink

Speaking of colors; Valentino, Isabel Marant, and Chanel sent bold pink pieces down the runway this spring; varying from prominent fuchsia to calm baby pink. While some people think this shade is light, girly, and highly associated with femineity and may not tend to wear, designers thought of different concepts to wear this hue in spring. Shirtdresses and powerful pants stood out on runways making them catchy to the eyes; hence, you better add a pinky piece to your wardrobe to flare this spring.

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Alaa Kandi 
Alaa Kandi 

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