Fatigue-Free Suhoor and Iftar Recipes

The holy month of Ramadan is ahead, if you are one of those who want to stay fresh and fit during this blessed month, then you need to prepare a list of nourishes and guilt-free food and fill your shopping cart with it; Remember! Don’t go grocery shopping while you are hungry, as you might change your direction toward those unhealthy sugary snacks. 

Dr.Aysha Qureshi, a Naturopathy specialist from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in her website advises that a meal combine with “carbohydrates+protein+healthy fat” can keep your stomach full for longer hours. Here are some of her healthy recipes for both Suhoor and Iftar:  


  • Steel-cut oats made with berries+nuts+flaxseed+your choice of milk.
  • Talbina or barley porridge made with nuts+seeds+dates+milk of your choice.
  • Chia seeds pudding made with Greek yogurt+berries+nuts.
  • Omelet made of mixed vegetables, a bowl of berries, and multigrain toast. 
  • Full-fat Greek yogurt smoothy bowl made with fruits+nuts+protein powder+flax seed+chia seed topped with granola.
  • Multigrain flax/bran bread with almond butter+slice of Banana+Chia seed+Sunflower seed.
  • Avocado toast made with mixed seeds and Smoked salmon.  


Choose from: One source of protein: 

  • Grilled/baked Lean meat(Lamb/Chicken/Turkey or Veal).
  • Fish & Shrimps
  • Lentils, Beans, and chickpeas. 

Two of the following:

  • Roasted vegetables (Eggplant,zucchini,broccoli,asparagus,squash,sweet potato).
  • Mixed green salad+feta cheese+ olive oil+balsamic vinegar & lemon dressing.
  • Quinoa salad made with fresh vegetables
  • Mixed vegetables, stir-fried.
  • Multigrain bread/roti.
  • Brown rice stir fry with soup broth.
  • Assorted soup.
  • Lentils.
  • Bean+ chickpeas salad.
Saloomeh Saeed
Saloomeh Saeed

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