Find Your Perfect Scent & Feel Like an Art

Imagine owning your own, distinct fragrance. This can be achieved by combining several layers of perfume. Think of it as if you were putting together a look, each different layer, like clothing, bringing something unique to the final outcome. The art of layering perfume, blending together warm, exotic base layers with citrus or floral spritzes on top, goes hand in hand with our desire to personalize things for ourselves. It can heighten a mood and add oomph to the occasion.


The culture of layering perfume to add depth and create incredible, complex scents rather than wearing a single fine fragrance à la française, is at the heart of the Middle East’s olfactory landscape. Consider the use of oud, ambergris, bakhoor, frankincense, and musk as base layers. Such old-world ingredients and methods of application are enshrined in our collective memory. Sought after perfume houses, such as Parfums de Marly, are the perfect foundations to explore the art of layering as they have mastered the most-loved olfactories of the Middle East. 


So, how do you layer scent? Sweet, warm, crisp, exotic? When it comes to putting a fragrance together there is no right or wrong and it is best to follow the mood of your day. If you want to enhance a scent that is light, opt for Oud Wood alone; the scent itself is very strong. A light scent layered on top makes a beautiful combination, such as Parfums de Marly’s Delina and Delina Exclusif – sensorial delights that capture nature’s most captivating marvels, the beauty of fresh blooms, in fragrance.
Ultimately, perfume is so personal. How you layer it is about understanding how you want your fragrance to speak. Rose and jasmine speak of romance, citrus is business-like, and musk is “matte red lipstick” chic. Whatever the language, no longer do you have to put a fragrance on in the morning and commit to it all day. It’s as close to bespoke as you get.


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