Five Festive Hairstyles that go well with everyday basics
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Hair bows have made a major comeback this party season, with an increase in the search volume of 97% on Pinterest over the last month. The likes of Hailey Bieber, Nicole Kidman and the Duchess of Cambridge have been seen sporting the statement accessory. 

One standout style that keeps popping up on the red carpets as well as the runways, is the classic bow. Celebrities have been styling this in ponytails, braids, buns, you name it. “Hair bows are an easy way to elevate your simplistic hairstyle” Nick Drewe, trend specialist. 

To help you add some sparkle to your party look, the trend specialist at WeThrift has shared five festive holiday hairstyles that will make a statement this Christmas.

Elevate your messy bun with a bow 

Bows are back in a big way, and what better way to style them than the messy bun. Create your signature messy updo in the same way as normal and add a classic black velvet bow to really elevate the look, or for something a little more festive, why not opt for a red or green. 


Unlike your typical branded headbands or clips, these accessories won’t set you back by much. You can find inexpensive bows on websites such as Amazon, eBay or alternatively you can purchase velvet or satin ribbon at your local craft store. 

Add a touch of sparkle with glitter spray 

Whether it’s for a big night out, festive drinks or just because you want to, adding a little bit of sparkle can make a real impact on your hair this festive party season. 

TikTok fans have been frantically searching for glitter hair spray this Christmas, as the trend racked up 118.1 million views on the video social media platform. 

This subtle festive glam is a major blast from the past, but we’re starting to see more-wearable ways to style the trend filter through. Users are lightly coating the product to create a soft shimmer effect, as appose to the heavy glitter effect from our youth.


Incorporate pearls for elegance 

Pinterest has just realised its 2022 trend forecast report, and topping that list is pearlcore. In 2022, the image-sharing platform predicts that people will start to embrace peal accents throughout their homes, in their jewellery, fashion and even beauty bags. 

Get ahead of the curve this festive season by incorporating this trend within your hairstyle. Pearls are a simple yet effective way to elevate the most basic look. Deck out your updo or everyday hairstyle with pearl-topped hair clips, string pearl beads through the hair, wrap or weave a string of pearls through your braids or even stick on some pearl hair stickers.
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Go sleek with a velvet bow 

Perfect for the festive season and beyond, a classic bow hairstyle is one of the most glamorous ways to update your look. Replicate the signature Hailey Bieber style with a sleek straight ponytail, or half updo and add a traditional velvet bow. 

To get that super satisfying sleek hair, spray leave-in conditioner on wet hair which will help to smooth the cuticle end, seal in any moisture and prevent frizz. Once styled, finish with an oil-based product to coat the ends and create a glossy finish. 

Get creative with tinsel 

Tinsel hair is the latest beauty trend taking over TikTok. Using tinsel in the hair became a thing back in the early 2000s and has recently resurfaced on the video platform, with over 65.8 million views. The trend involves using thin strands of tinsel material to decorate the hair. 

It’s an inexpensive hairstyle that’s easy to replicate and is guaranteed to make a statement. Packs of tinsel strands can be purchased online or at your local craft store. For this style, you’ll need patience and a very steady hand. Divide your hair into small sections and take a single strand of tinsel and knot them into your hair, as close to the root as possible. 


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