Five Reasons the vivo V21 is your best Companion For a Late-Night Drive

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When people contemplate about late-night drives, they think of no traffic, better weather, and starry nights. These are just a few reasons why everyone loves to do it. But what most don’t realize is one important item taken to accompany late-night drives.


Yep, that’s right, their phone. A mobile phone is one of the most tangible items that is taken by a person unconsciously daily. Not only does it act as a communicator, it’s also an entertainer especially for those that really want to enjoy their late-night drive. Whether it’s used to play a top chart song or capture essential moments, a person’s personal device becomes a true companion. 

Here are five reasons why the vivo V21 series is your best companion for a late-night drive –

Front Camera OIS
What many don’t know is that the V21 series front camera is fitted with OIS, which is traditionally reserved rear cameras. V21 is the only phone with a front camera that supports OIS on sale now in the market, worldwide.


This means that with OIS added, users taking a video or photo in a moving car will not have to worry about a shaken result. So, one could be on a very bumpy road and still enjoy clear results! This is possible because when shakes are detected, the lens will calculate how much the image moves and counteract it. Such anti-shaking technology results in clear images.

But that’s not all, OIS can greatly improve stability, night photo quality, as well as brightness and details in dark areas of your photo. The improvement in quality is very noticeable, especially when it’s dark or at night.

JAMO Magazine

Ultra-Sensing Sensor
If you’re looking for an Insta-worthy picture during a night-drive, then the V21 series has you covered. The series’ 44MP camera has an exclusive, customized sensor that uses ISOCELL, a pixel isolation technology. By enhancing the metallic grid between the smallest pixels in the sensor, V21 could realize reduced optical loss, and break through photosensitivity limits, meaning you get brighter photos in lifelike colors. What’s more intriguing is, the four pixels combine into a large one and absorbs more light in dark conditions, enabling a fantastic and bright image during the night.


Dual Selfie Spotlight
Looking to shine during the night drive? The V21 series offers two built-in front flashes which can work together with the Selfie Spotlight Band to provide various levels of fill light.

The two front flashes are exquisitely engineered into the edge of the display screen which solves your troubles of portrait darkness, excess noise and blurry shots under low-light and complex-light conditions.


Ultimate Night Vision
Combing multi-frame noise reduction and the AI Extreme Night Algorithm, the AI Night Portrait can naturally focus and capture human faces, as well as bright night scenes with clearer details, light, and shadow layers.

It combines the power of three mechanisms to reduce noise, increase exposure levels, and enhance the brightness and details of night scenes. In addition, it also improves the focus and clarity of human faces in dark environments giving you that perfect nighttime glow.


Professional Grade Rear Camera
The V21 series’ 64MP OIS rear camerahelps improve blurs caused by camera shake and improves photo quality especially in low-light environments.

Combining with EIS, slower shutter speed, and extended exposure time, the camera allows you to take ultra-stable handheld shots.


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