Five Skyrocket Eye Makeup Looks Inspired by Legendary TV Shows Characters

Do you realize that your true beauty lies in your pair of eyes? The doorway to where your wildest dreams reside. Your spellbinding eyes stream a line of silenced words that your dashing eye makeup can only voice for makeup is a universal language that will flawlessly decorate the entrance to your soul and compliment your sense of style. One unapologetic flick of those pixie dust eyelashes can exhilarate crowds and renew their trust in the possibility. Your glistening eyeshadow will steal the show by catching all lights and articulate the symphonic visions that come from within you. Running two even winged eyeliner can promote you to rule a Queendom. Go ahead, shining star. Grant the gazing audience a plot twist and gaze back!! Make every eye contact count with those ravishing eye makeup selections plucked out from binge watching these TV shows in the name of research.


Aqueous Highlights
We have all been there. One minute, you resent a character and fight the urge to scream all sorts of names at the screen. Next minute, the diva in you is applauding the icon of evilness for her makeup choice and vowing to replicate this refreshing glittery minty eyeshadow twist on your next girls night out. Layan, the mean girl of Al Rawabi School for girls, has added a touch of dewy glam by applying radiant highlights around her eyes and equipping her false lower corner lashes with bead drops. She framed the gateway to her lost soul with a mesmerizing emerald toned liner, successfully grabbing the viewers’ full attention to her eyes.

Nerves of Teal
Put your money in eyeliners and eyeshadows. These intriguing tools present you with the opportunity to create a thousand different looks. There are no set rules for makeup, so why settle for one look? And if they do exist, break them the way Maddie did with her pearled eyebrows in Euphoria. We can’t get enough of her extraordinary breathtaking lids. Maddie gives us the ideal combination of rock like and mermaid vibes with her rebellious, intensely hued teal charm eyeshadow punctuated by a thick drifted wing. We love how this iridescent colour is making her dark personality sparkle.


Champagne Hues
When you are hesitant, curl up your eyelashes and add flecks of gold to your eyeshadow since makeup is an introverted armour to survive any event. Instead of putting yourself out there to generate a conversation. Have your gazers compliment your luxuriously glittered eyeshadow and thank them with a wink to initiate an elegant escape. This strategy can be easily achieved with the Gossip Girl, Georgina Sparks’ traditional cat eyes and shiny lids underlining her lower lashes by a powerful statement black lower- liner.


Just Peachy
The euphoria of make-up is an art. When you don’t do your makeup like everybody else, you don’t have to act like everybody else. This mysterious eye makeup look entitles you to a Maddie attitude. A knockout peachy shimmered eyeshadow encased by a blue triangular eyeliner elevates the drama and creates the ultimate babe vibe. Everyone agrees; when it comes to daring colours, Maddie is, without doubt, the head cheerleader.

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