Five Ways To Dress GANT This Winter

When it comes to bulking out winter wardrobes with pieces that will see you through the weather in style, look no further than the unique designs of the leading lifestyle brand, GANT this season.


The looks of the season play with the classic GANT styles and rewrite the rules and traditions. Think golden coat of arms crests, rich fabrications, floral patterns inspired by castle wallpapers and American sportswear classics mixed with the stylish sensibility of street style.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to reclaiming the glory of your winter wardrobe with an array of the best pieces from GANT AW21.

1. Big Hoodie Energy 


We can’t talk about this collection without touching on the classic GANT hoodie. If your mood for the season is to lounge around all day or plan to venture out of your house, these cozy additions to your wardrobe are a must.

2. The Zoom Uniform


Consider this your modern-day style essential for Zoom call. When dressing from the waist up really matters, GANT’s AW21 collection serves smart-casual in the form of structured shirting – short-sleeved, collarless or polo – and loose-fitting cotton tees. 

3. We’re Pro Cargo


Whether you’re looking to relax at your roof terrace or sitting on the grass, it is only fair that you get to enjoy the winter sun in style. Cargo pants are set to be your most versatile Fall/Winter item. Our advice? Pair them with anything from GANT’s AW21 collection.

4. The Outer Wardrobe


One can’t complete their wardrobe for the season without sorting out their outerwear. The expertly cut outerwear in this collection, which comprises of Boiled Wool Cardigan, knitwear and jersey that are more slouchy and dropped in the shoulders are the perfect mix of style and functionality.

5. A Pop of Colour


To switch up your wardrobe a bit and make it more refreshing, GANT’s collection encompasses pieces with pops of yellow, orange, red and green, which elevate the string foundation of camels, navy blues, whites, pinks and melange grey are nothing short of perfect.


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