Flormar’s Take On Top Makeup Trends Taking Over The Beauty World This Season

Every year new makeup trends take over the beauty world, and oftentimes among them are those that make a surprise comeback. This year we are seeing exciting and innovative looks showcased all over the internet where graphic eyeshadows, bold lips, thin brows, and faux freckles are resurging back on the scene. The beauty experts at Flormar have shared their take on the “Top 3” makeup trends of 2022 along with essential product picks that will no doubt become a staple in your daily makeup session. Affordable and of great quality, you can confidently nail the current makeup trends with these picks.

Top 3 Trends

Negative Space Eyeshadow 


Eyeliner styles have really evolved in recent years, and the overarching graphic eyeliner has leveled up once again with the “negative space” designs. With a simple kohl pencil, a Q-tip, and a bit of practice, you can fully indulge your bold and funky side and go all out. Paired with dewy natural skin and a nude lip, you will no doubt turn heads wherever you go!

Flormar Eyeshadow Palette AED59.00
Flormar Extreme Tattoo Gel Pencil, AED39.00
Flormar Hero Mascara, AED55.00

Bright Lips 


Word on the streets is that the statement lips have *officially* made a grand return. Whichever color you want to try, don’t feel shy to go all out. Be it a coral, purple, or a classic red – find the color your love and go from day to night feeling like a star!

Flormar Color Master Lipstick AED39.00

Flormar Brow Pomade AED45.00
Flormar Baked Blush

Bronzed Complexions 

Think the 2000s when you recreate this look – that “sun-kissed I just got back from an island” vibe. To get this look, apply a cream bronzer or powder bronzer first, and then finish with a spray-on or cream tanner. If you are attending any brunches or pool parties, this look is ideal to immerse yourself in the summer season.


Flormar Bronzing Powder AED49.00

Flormar Dewy Lip Gloss, Nude AED34.57

Flormar All Day Setting Spray AED47.00

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