Flower Power: The benefits of having flowers in the office

Flowers are undoubtedly a great gift for friends and family to congratulate them on their successes, celebrations and achievements. But why should flower arrangements be saved just for special occasions? With people spending most of their time at work, it is important to find ways to ensure the work environment is one that is calm, inviting, and overall allows for productivity. Incorporating flowers into your daily work environment does not only provide beautiful decor, studies have shown that flower bouquets reap many benefits when placed within an office space. As a big believer in “flower power” and often known as the “Blooming Man”, Ebraheem Al Samadi, CEO of Al Samadi Group and Forever Rose London, rounds up his top five benefits of having flowers in the office.



Placing blooms at the entrance of your office makes for a warm welcome for all who enter. Not only will the flowers give the reception a fresh scent, it will also create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for those who come to visit, as well as providing your workforce with a pleasant greeting upon their arrival. Whether you choose natural colours or bold arrangements to make a statement, it will be a pleasing addition to the work space.

Breath in

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Flowers are a great way to freshen up the air within the workspace. Blooms and plants take in CO2 (the air we breathe out) and therefore can filter stale air within the office. Not only this, but studies have shown that having plants in an office can contribute to an increase in moisture levels which reduces airborne particles and makes the office more comfortable all round. If you do not have access to natural air within the office, this is a perfect option to add some freshness within the space.

Positive vibes

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It’s no doubt that flowers are a mood booster. For both men and women, fresh bouquets of flowers provide a natural dose of positivity. As the majority of us decorate our households with plants and flowers, the added greenery within the office can provide a similar comfort to employees as would being at home. Encourage staff to bring their own choice of flowers to put on their desks for an added mood enhancement. It will assist in implementing a positive attitude amongst the workforce while also providing a truly beautiful office aesthetic.

Keeping healthy

Photo: Ed Robertson

According to studies, flowers and plants within an office space can have a variety of health benefits for employees, including the reduction in colds, blood pressure, and anxiety. Not only this but it has been noted that energy levels are higher for those who have blossoms in view from their desk. With a better work environment, it generally leads to a healthier workforce and therefore they are less inclined to take days off from work, leading to higher productivity overall.

Increase the brain flow


A study conducted showed that the addition of florals to a workspace led to a more creative and productive environment at work. Men generated thirty percent more ideas when stimulated in an atmosphere with flowers and plants, whilst women tended to be more creative with their ideas. Try placing beautiful arrangements in all co-working spaces and meeting rooms and you will be sure to let the innovative juices flow.


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